So close

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To help understand why this blog is… like it so often is, here’s a little peek into how my mind works. Pictured below, ALMOST the poster for the best movie ever made:

Sadly, as it turns out “Bride Wars” is NOT in fact a movie wherein Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway star as a pair of strong-willed lesbian life-partners fighting the “war” over their right to legally marry and (one can only hope) embark on an eminently-photographable honeymoon – a film which, were it to exist, would be BOTH a powerful socio-political statement in the chief Civil Rights struggle of the age… a “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” for our time… AND ALSO almost-unquestionably the most astounding never-thought-I’d-live-to-see-THAT image to be captured on film since man setting foot upon the moon.

But, ’tis not to be. Instead, the movie is about two longtime gal pals fighting to see who can plan the most elaborate, opulent wedding. Oh, well.

Hey… y’know what would be a great twist, though? If, at or around the end of the second act one or both women crossed some kind of “line” in terms of their scheming and alienated their spouses-to-be and/or one another; setting in motion some soul-searching and an eventual realization that getting too wrapped up in the material trappings of such things can cause one to lose sight of what’s really important. No one would see THAT coming 😉

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