Alphabet Meme

Aw, crud…

I really don’t like these things, but the burden of Internet psuedo-celebrity is that if someone calls you out and you don’t respond people notice. FINE…

For the record, I got “tagged” for this by “Dirty Harry,” the increasingly ironically-named right-wing movie blogger who – to his credit – is pretty decent about letting me treat his comment threads like a combination shooting-gallery, stress-relief ball and Free-Range Nutcase Game Preserve all the time. Yes, I know, he’s being dippy about anti-Prop. 8 “McCarthyism” and I don’t know that I’ve ever been called a “dolt” before… ( but c’mon, folks – Republicans are about to have a REALLY long, REALLY sucky four-to-eight years; you’ve got to expect a little snit-fit here and there. Be understanding with the poor little darlings – like you’d be with a small child or a Cubs fan.

Anyway… the fellow “tagged” me for a movie-blogger meme, which apparently originated over at Blog Cabins ( by which your supposed to list various movies alphabetically. Well, easy enough… and I do need to post more. So here goes…

Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
Dark Backward
Frankenstein Conquers the World
Hunger, the (anyone who tells you they liked more than about ten to fifteen total minutes of this is probably a liar.)
It Came From Beneath The Sea
Jigoku (see “Hunger, the”)
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Last Dinosaur, the
Monster That Challenged The World, the
Night of The Lepus
Orochi: The Three-Headed Dragon
Planet of Dinosaurs
Q: The Winged Serpent
Rabbit-Proof Fence
Ultraman: The Next
Valley of Gwangi, the
War of The Gargantuas
Yog: Monster from Space

One thought on “Alphabet Meme

  1. tyra menendez says:

    off the top of my head:armageddonbaseketballconandark crystalenchantedfreewayghost in the shellheavy metalin the name of the fatherjawskrulllast of the mohicansmonster’s ballnightmare before christmasoctopussyplanet terrorquillsrepo manshoot ’em uptremorsunited 93village of the damnedw (the bush bio)x (the malcom x bio)yojimbozatoitchinote that i don’t actually like all these – some where chosen because they were more obscure, some for the “wtf” quality.


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