New "OverThinker" episode

Game OverThinker. Episode 17. “Homeless.”

Little Big Planet, niche games and depressing sales results. Check it out:

One thought on “New "OverThinker" episode

  1. Eva243 says:

    I must say this was quite the interesting episode Moviebob. Your past Episodes have been a bit much about fan fiction and returning from your computer’s grave yard. Sorry that happened to you btw. I did like this episode a lot though because it dealt with the issues in gaming which is why I liked your blogs on youtube to begin with.What you brought up was something very interesting. Personally I think what you described, market and audience wise, is basically what happens to most things. As in its starts out small just with the few hard core, 2-16 bit, then expands, 32-128 bit, now incorporating an even bigger audience, but as that audience grows different people have different tastes, so instead of a game company focusing on a larger group of hard core users, despite still being pretty small back in the 2-16 bit days, they now have to appeal to that same group while feeling as though they are competeing with the expanding casual audience. I am not saying casuals will be the death of gaming, just that gaming has started off small and has now gotten so large that it is splitting up into different groups just as your video states. Each console has its audience, while truly the DS appeals to everyone. If you make a product you want it to sell as much as it can, and therefore appeal to everyone, but sooner or later you realize that this one groups likes that particular product the best. So you keep producing it really then just to please them. If that made any sense at all.Incidentally this has made me think of another possible problem. The more people that want a particular product from a certain company will get it over someone else. Which makes me possible believe that one genre an audience craves will be eaten by another genre so to speak. I mean think about it JRPGs use to be all the rage, there was a vast verity of them on the Nes, Snes, Psone, PStwo, but now? I think they are slowly starting to die out, in america at least, as there becomes a higher and higher demand for FPS and TPS especially with the cost of production going up so high. Same with platformers. They where great way back in the 8-64 bit eras, but the biggest one really is Mario and Wario to some respects. I honestly can’t think of any other that are on the big three consoles, maybe Prince of Persia. And I think as they die they are heading to the Ds, as I find myself playing these genres more on my handhelds rather than consoles unless they are downloadable like Mega Man 9.But soon, maybe a few gens from now, when you can play a PS3 in the palm of your hand will we even have platformers any more? Will all the JRPGs stay in J-apan, and all us western folk be stuck in World of War craft for ever.I really do think these genres are dieing out, which is sad for me because I am such a big fan of them both, as, like you said, each company tries to appeal to their new found audiences. You know 200 thousand people, obviously more, ask for a shooter, while maybe 50 ask for a JPRG, who are you going to make the game for?So I think you are right that these companies now are targeting certain audiences, and might remain that way, which then might cause other genres to be, well homeless, LBP is a platformer, but that genre is dieing out as the demand for other genres increases. So I think your right with what you said, and I think that what I have stated is the beginning effect of that.Well anyway just a thought. Good episode by the way, and if you are ever curious I am evangelion243 on youtube for when I do comment on your videos, which I pretty much give all 5s btw. Anyway happy newer and good luck looking forward to number 18, sorry for the wall of text!


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