Told you so

So, evidently Jackie Earl Haley is Platinum Dune’s new Freddy Krueger.

Called it!

This is big, BIG news for Haley – a few years ago he was a beyond-forgotten former child star (from the original “Bad News Bears”) only to re-emerge back onto the scene with extraordinary roles in “All The Kings Men” and “Little Children;” and now in 2009 he’s the unquestioned breakout star of “Watchmen” and set to take the lead role in a major studio franchise film. The guy’s a terrific actor, and he deserves all this success and more.

EVERY “spooky guy” actor in the business was on the short-list for Krueger, so it’s a pretty big coup for him… but I’m thinking it’s actually Platinum Dunes “lucking out” in this case: “Watchmen” has turned Haley into a GOD in the eyes of the buzz-controlling Film Geek audience that would otherwise have been bound to raise an entire production-runup’s worth of negative noise at the idea of anyone other than Robert Englund playing Freddy.

In any case, I’m REALLY happy for the guy. It’s just, y’know, a shame that the movie is still going to suck 😉

Oh, and hey: Here’s the newest OverThinker piece – Part I of a Sonic The Hedgehog overview:

3 thoughts on “Told you so

  1. Zolton says:

    Wasn’t Billy Bob going to play Freddy?I’m glad Haley got the role. Him, along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Comedian) deserve all the praise and roles they can get.I personally think Morgan is a shoe-in for Kraven the Hunter in another Spider-man movie.


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