Let’s Watch the "Wolverine" trailer…

“The Escapist” has seen fit to give me another spot, this time going through the “Wolverine” trailer a’la the Zapruder Film. Enjoy!


After watching, check out the ACTUAL site too:

7 thoughts on “Let’s Watch the "Wolverine" trailer…

  1. tyra menendez says:

    too much for one movie. they want to include bits from the “origin” story line and “weapon x”, but have retconned sabertooth into wolverine’s brother? no red head babysitter which explains his fixation with jean grey? gambit is now telekinetic? so, why is he using playing cards, if they don’t “go boom”? is he even going to be cajun? probably not.
    oh yeah, and emma frost pretty much sucks, unless joss whedon is writing her: he made her into a snarky, upper class, british snob that doesn’t know why she’s surrounded by all these nobodies or even why she’s so in love with scott sommers.
    i have nothing against liev schriber; i dug him as orson welles, in rko. but sabertooth? really? that’s like getting patrick stewart to play a neanderthal. or micheal caine as alfred: a proper, english butler would *not* have a cockney accent.


  2. Ghostmayhem says:

    …Sorry, but did anyone else notice the mixup of the Male and Female symbols right after Bob freeze-frames a snap of Gambit?
    Yeah. That’s the MALE circle-thing.
    The FEMALE one is pointed downwards…
    How can you tell?
    Erm, it’s supposed to be Blue, but it’s colorless for some odd reason.

    But, enough pointless nitpicking that no one else cares aabout or notices in the slightest. A great video, Bob.
    Hope to see more of these Trailer analyses. Might I suggest the classic 1/18/08 (Cloverfield) trailer…Y’know, the Transformers one?


  3. Ben says:

    I’d just like to say that the last time someone came to my house and wanted to watch X-Men 3 I promptly scratched the disc to crappery with a knife and then blew it up. No joke.

    I don’t wanna seem rude, but do you get any kind of revenue for these things on The Escapist? As the Joker would say, if you’re good at something, never do it for free.


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