Pictured here at the left: Promotional photoshoot from ParisMatch magazine for “Ne te Retourne pas” (“Be Not Turned Over,” I think,) a French thriller in an apparently David Lynch/”Lost Highway”/”Mulholland Drive” kinda vein with Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci.

Two immediate observations. FIRST: No way in hell the movie is as good as it’s own press. SECOND: …Sorry, what were we talking about?

(hat tip: Jeff Wells)

4 thoughts on “awesome

  1. The Prodigy says:

    I want to say, this french movie, but, well, man! It is distracting.
    Think unsexy thoughts…..
    think unsexy thoughts….

    Bob: good luck today on the “My vids don’t suck” contest at

    If all works out for you, you can become the next regular Screwattack feature. Aren’t you glad?

    You’d be more glad if that were you between them, right? I mean…uh….man, it’s distracting.


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