Facepalm: The Movie

Today is a really, really great day for ANYONE currently producing, about to produce or considering the production of a feature film in any of the myriad “geek” genres. Today, as of right now, they can officially rest easy about the increasingly semi-meaningful outrages of hard-to-please “fanboys”…

…because today, as of right now, there is NOTHING that any of them can do in regards to their projects that can POSSIBLY piss the “fanboy” set off more than this: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3i666afabc28491e6a5d5861d83ae30855

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Movie.” Not the movie of the show, or even a continuation. A remake/reboot of the original movie. New characters, new actors, and almost-certainly no Joss Whedon. Have at it, folks…

5 thoughts on “Facepalm: The Movie

  1. The Prodigy says:

    Shoot, I’ll even third. Why, in the world, would you release a Buffy remake in theaters, based on the lousy movie, when you had a t.v. series based on the movie that kicked so much butt that you could make 6 movie sequels a la Harry Potter and make bank despite all the negatives?

    Hollywood, you’re getting lazy, you’re getting complacent, you’re getting stupid!


  2. william says:

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  3. seraphmaclay says:

    I watched Buffy from the beginning, I've attempted to play all of the games, and I've read through the Season 8/6 comics, and the Buffy film was my first exposure to it. I hated the movie…and I don't even remember what it was that prompted me to watch the pilot, but I did, and fell in love. Now they're giving it to a producer-director team known for exactly two films, both of which were huge box office flops (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Orgazmo, no further comment on the Kuzui's). Buffy's done, but they should never touch it again. Instead, something along the lines of Next Generation should occur, I mean, hell, they have 1000's of slayers. They have Fray. Oh well, hopefully the new vamp-craze will die with it and we won't have to deal with any more of the Twilight Saga.



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