Ninja in Chief

I like President Obama. Like. He’s alright by me, thus far.

That said, I’ve never really “gotten” the “whoooaaa… Obama is coooool!” thing until right here:

4 thoughts on “Ninja in Chief

  1. The Prodigy says:

    Yea. Definitely. This might very well be the coolest president we've had in a while, if not the coolest in history. Well, let's say in a while. What is up with his charisma? It's like through the roof!


  2. Bob says:

    “if not the coolest in history.”

    He's gonna have to take out more than a fly to out-cool Roosevelt, and until I hear about him nailing whoever the modern equivalent of Marilyn Monroe is he's no Kennedy… but he's getting there, yeah.


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