This is how noob I am at this job…

Alright, so… here’s what it is:

I’ve got a question… a search for info, really. And since making phonecalls and chasing leads doesn’t seem to yield much I’m going to try a desperation move: I’m told the blog here is actually getting somewhat widely-read, so, let’s try throwing it up out in the open and see if anyone knows. So, here goes…

Movie Critic press-screenings: How do you get into these?

Yeah. Strange question for a (technically) professional film-critic to be asking, but for a guy only starting out it’s like digging for Hoffa trying to find out how you get on the “list” (lists?) of pro critics who get invited to pre-screenings for new/upcoming films. No one seems to know, and the folks who do know (i.e. publicity houses that run that particular side of the business) don’t seen to return phonecalls.

So… yeah. Do I have any readers who maybe know anything about this? Any little scrap of info or lead would be appreciated, either here in the comments or feel free to email me at . I’m based in the Boston, MA area if that makes any difference to the “who should you call” end of it.

Thanks in advance to ANYONE who knows anything. We now return you to our regularly-scheduled movie gripe-fest 😉

5 thoughts on “This is how noob I am at this job…

  1. Disco says:

    I couldn't tell you, but I bet any of your local newspaper movie critics could. Maybe give one of them a call and ask them if they could set you up?


  2. Twist says:

    They're hard to get into, you'd have to prove that a lot of people listen to your opinion – a good way to show this is your position on Escapist and your youtube subscribers. I would talk to local newspapers about it and tell them about your internet cred.


  3. tyra menendez says:

    hopefully the newspapers don't hold a grudge with the internet cred. since so many newspapers are losing buisness to the internet, there might be a petty jealousy involved. i'd say fuck it, and go find one of the “big” critics that keeps an internet blog and ask one of them.
    i know ebert has one and has contact information.


  4. Anonymous says:

    You should go to and ask korey coleman the creature of He knows alot about that and he need someone like you there anyway so just check it out.


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