Thought For The Day 7/28/09

Linked below (hat-tip: Kotaku), the two most “talked about” (read: complained about) poster images advertising “Halo Legends,” a DVD project in the vein of “Animatrix” wherein a collection of top-tier Anime production houses will produce animated short-films set in and around the universe of the “Halo” video games…

It’s kinda weird, for me, to see Halo looking… well, interesting and visually-dynamic all of the sudden. Y’see that up there? That’s an image I’d expect to find on a golden-age pulp-scifi magazine or 80s NES game box-art, not in association with the incredibly bland Halo universe.

There was no way this wasn’t going to turn out interesting on a culture-clash basis alone: Halo – alongside the entire First Person Shooter genre – may as well not even exist in Japan, where all these films are coming out of, firstly. Secondly, for a larger-than-you’d-think number of it’s devoted fans, Halo has become a kind of rallying-point for Western gamers who HATE the prevelance of the Japanese aesthetic in the medium. That’s why I like THIS one the best:

Sunny day, field of flowers, woman’s hands holding a teddy bear charm. I love this image. I love it because it looks as though Production IG is deliberately whacking the hornet’s nest in regards to Halo’s angrier fans. It makes me picture thousands upon thousands of backward-ballcap’d, gold-chained, 13 year-old suburban douchebags collapsing to their knees, fists shaking at their sides, staring up at their framed posters of Tony Montana and Dominic Toretto with tear-filled eyes, screaming at the heavens “RAARRGHHH!!! TEH JAPS R TURNIN’ MASTER CHIEF INTO TEH GHEY!!!!!”

I picture that, and it makes me smile 😉

12 thoughts on “Thought For The Day 7/28/09

  1. Bryce says:

    Surprisingly, I myself am interested in the Toei submission of this compilation. Master Chief is pretty close, at least aesthetically, to a Rider, and I'm sure Toei will play with that.


  2. Ben says:

    I think Bungie has even whacked that hornet's nest. Remember the teaser for Halo 3? The one that started out “totally faggy”, with kids in a field talking about space, but then got completely sweet bro at the end?

    The guys at Bungie are definitely smart and talented, and sometimes I wonder what they must think of some of their fans.


  3. Jabrwock says:

    I'm actually amazed they never did a Marathon anime. Set in the same “universe” (although not the same timeline) as Halo, Marathon had a rich story that unfolded over the trilogy (if you cared to read all the terminals). An AI that goes insane and declares himself God, a hero who doesn't know if he's even human, a race of ancient aliens who may hold the key to humanity's identity, a gigantic alien god/monster living at the core of a sun???

    As for the die-hard 13-year old fans who will rail at this? Screw them. They never cared for the backstory of Halo, the religious and mythological allusions, etc. They just had a hard-on for MasterChief's guns.


  4. Pcnerdjack says:

    You know, as both an otaku and a semi-fan of the Halo series, I'm somewhat excited about Halo Legends. But yeah, seeing the reaction of those 13 year old fanboys is going to be comedy gold.

    Halo is a franchise, and every big franchise will go into unexpected territories. Those fanboys will just have to learn that.


  5. Khaki Hat says:

    I smile with you Bob. Anything to kill the gunmetal grey and dystopian brown.

    On a side note, does anyone remember the ILoveBees radio drama? It probably the only thing Halo related that made me giggle with excitement.

    Not that I usually giggle.


  6. Jimi says:

    I read the books before I played the game, and I always thought that Eric Nylund's stories deserved to be more than largely unread background material for a series of increasingly juvenile games. Anime could be a great medium for the Halo Universe because it allows for complex, intriguing stories, along with spectacular visuals. And hell, Bungie might even explain a thing or two, instead of leaving the audience with a cliffhanger to make room for another game.


  7. Anonymous says:

    This to me has echos of Ang lee directing the Hulk. just like Transformers should not be dumbed down to a by the numbers action flick. Halo should not be turned into cliche anime melodrama. stay true to the material.


  8. Anonymous says:

    I don't want to sound like a douche here, but did you get beaten up by a halo fan or something?

    I'd really like to know what the source is for all the ire you seem to reserve not only for the series but anyone affiliated with it.

    It's like the one issue where you drop your typically even handed and reasonable approach and just start dismissing things out of hand because you dislike some minor thing about them.

    Given the number of overthinker vids of yours that are at least in part about how gamers should stop shunning various games and genres based on superficial details like how 'gay' it looks, its rather jarring when you do it yourself without a hint of irony.

    Its even worse when your criticisms (which again are usually derived from actual observations and well thouht out deliberation) take on the appearance of a bullet point list so formulaic and misaimed that I could probably find it plastered across the sony boards of any mainstream gaming forum.

    For the record, I'm a huge halo fan. I read the books, love the games, and will pretty much buy any story based media relating to the halo universe. I'm also helplessly addicted to pokemon and kirby superstar on my DS and the last game I bought for my 360 was a used copy of shenmue 2.

    So long rant less long, you think maybe you might wanna at least try not to do to one group of gamers what you specifically excoriate people from doing to the group you happen to identify with?


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