Escape to the Movies: "District 9"


Off-topic: I don’t care if you live in Philly or not – anyone who still roots for the Eagles this year is a douchebag. And yes, I would not have been “behind” my Pats this year if they’d been the ones who took Vick. I’m pissed (but unsurprised) enough that Bellichick wanted to sign the bastard – y’know, because he hasn’t done enough to make us the Klingons of the NFL.

21 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "District 9"

  1. John says:

    This is somewhat related to my rant on your other blog, but dammit, I still need to rant about this.

    Do you have to make fun of Halo in every video? I understand that it's relevant here, but come on. The game was released 8 fucking years ago, and yet there is some unholy allience of trolls, elitist gamers (not an insult, but not hardcores either), and indie hipster fuckwads all suddenly decided that Halo was what was wrong with gaming.

    My main points are in the other post, but this one deals with frequency. When most of your videos (at least, in my opinion) contain shots at an 8 year old game, it just screams lack of creativity. You lambaste hardcores for calling anything with color “gay” (a problem started by Gears of War, actually), yet you do the same thing with Halo.

    I mean, Christ, it did more to bring new people into gaming in that generation, even if they are different demographic.

    And trust me, saying Halo has a boring universe is pointless. Read the books or something, it at least tries to have a cool mythos.


  2. Anonymous says:

    1. I'm going to see the movie in 2 hours. I am very excited and your review made me ever more so.

    2. I somewhat agree with John. Halo isn't as bad as you continue to say. I play it with friends sometimes and it is fun (however if said friends are not there, I am bored to tears). You should probably try to find a new whipping boy, God knows there are plenty.

    3. Vick has served his time. You do not have to like him any more as a person because of it, but it is unfair to pass off your hatred for him onto the entire rest of the Eagles and their fans because of it. (Note: the only teams I care about are the 'skins, packers, sea hawks, and the patriots, so don't think I am saying this as a fan, because I am not.)


  3. Dan says:

    Just saw it on your recommendation. I can't thank you enough.

    I just fear that this film will be overlooked. There might be too much thinking and, god forbid, character development for the Transformers crowd (so, low box office) and because it has, god forbid, aliens in it, I just fucking know the Academy and the rest of the so called “film elite” are probably not even going to watch it.

    And yes, I resent all of humanity.


  4. joemello04 says:

    I understand the sentiment and personally feel that this signing had next to nothing to do with football (the Eagles have been desperately trying to siphon attention away from the Phillies), but something puzzles me. You condemn this, yet you actively support a team who has cheated? Is it because no one was getting hurt?

    The Eagles aren't going to win the Super Bowl with Vick, but they aren't going 3-13, either. It'll be another 10-win-or-so season and another short playoff run. That's what I think is most like to happen as a fan of the team who you think is now akin to the Chicago Black Sox as managed by Charles Manson.


  5. Bob says:


    I regard having tortured and murdered dogs for entertainment and profit as being a less-forgivable crime than videotaping-against-regulations, yes.


  6. Aurabolt says:

    Well, you did say that King Kong was a good movie. I mean, it was certainly a fun and visually awesome movie where the action was concerned, but compared to the original, I think there's a difference.


  7. Dav3 says:

    I have a question about District 9: (which I had kinda made up my mind not to see, but can't rule out because it looks so freakin cool)

    How does recreating apartheid, which ended 20+ years ago, equal biting and relevant social commentary?

    I got the impression from the trailers that the “social commentary” in this movie is about as subtle as a freight-train plowing through your living room, and that can make a movie impossible to sit through, no matter how well made it is. (I'm looking in your direction, Oliver Stone)

    Good commentary is the kind that makes you think, not the kind that just makes you guilty.


  8. Adrian says:

    I'm going to be in one hell of a minority here but, I hated D9! Sure it was action packed but it gets old seeing people explode (surprisingly enough) and the story was original but if you don't know everything that will happen by the end of the first act you're mentally retarded.

    Here's the deal, you're supposed to feel a certain pity for the aliens but I (for one) just couldn't. Even if they were human I still couldn't have related because this movie had dialogue SO BAD it was on par with Transformers 2

    Alien: “No! We're in this together!”

    Not Alien: “Just go! Before I change my mind!”

    Alien: “I'm coming back for you!”

    Aww they're friends now!

    I understand that we are living in some sort of stasis in media wherein everything is some sort of regurgitation of some other (sometimes not even popular) bit of pop-culture, so that any bit of originality seems like some shining beacon of pure bliss.

    Yes. D9 was original. No. Original does not mean good.


  9. ramlock81 says:

    I thought the movie was awesome but there was this one plot hole that really bugged me…oh and don't read past this for anyone that hasn't seen the movie yet…


    How the hell does that liquid that alien was scavenging for for 20 years happen to work both as fuel for that giant turn people into one of them down to a genetic level??


  10. Daniella says:

    Have you seen Inglorious Basterds yet? I went to a British preview last night and it was by far the best film I've seen in the cinema for a very long time, just about everything about it was perfect and the adreneline you feel, especially in the end sequence, makes you feel like you're going to have a heart attack. I'm an 18 year old girl, for goodness sake, and I haven't been so moved by obsene amounts of violence since Kill Bill. Tarrantino really has done a good job on this one, deffinitley a contender for the best movie of summer 2009!


  11. Vincent says:

    Best movie of summer 2009? Fuck that, best movie of the year! (except for Watchmen)

    And easily one of the best sci-fi movies of the last 10 years.

    Everything about the movie was so expertly crafted. The direction was miraculously good. The director used the documentary-style camera brilliantly, and the best thing was that for the action scenes he didn't make it too shaky or stick the camera too close to the action. He allowed you to observe the action but still gave it a realistic, visceral feel.

    Fuck, just imagine if they'd had the stones to make Terminator Salvation as violent, hardcore, and thoughtful as District 9.

    And yes, best robot action all year; that mech left the Transformers in the dust.


  12. underthepale says:

    Never made a bad movie?

    Oh god, Bob. What's wrong with you?

    … Beyond that, it's hard to find fault with this review. I'm not as in love with it as you… In fact, I'm not sure I actually liked it or not. But I can't deny that it's intelligent, insightful, and creative.

    It's a unique movie. And it's probably going to suffer for that. Pity that shit like Star Trek and Transformers 2 get to be the champions, while movies that required thought and talent get left in the dust. Oh well.


  13. Bob says:

    Eh… I dunno, making what it COST to make in the first weekend, almost-universal praise from critics, cinephiles and even mainstream filmgoers, innevitable big-and-consistent Blu-Ray sales to say nothing of all the Prawn merch and logo-T's it'll move soon enough isn't exactly getting “left in the dust.”


  14. Anonymous says:

    So as far as I heard this is the best SF movie this year, so far right? Since the movie still isn't out in Serbia so I have to wait to see it..

    Oh and btw Bob what do you think will James Cameron's Avatar be better than this movie or not? Since these two are the two SF movies I've been most hyped about…


  15. Bob says:

    I'm a little worried about Avatar. The story sounds INCREDIBLY pedestrian (and alarmingly similar to “Battle For Terra” from earlier this year) and most of Cameron's “drive” seems to be on how revolutionary the technical stuff will be. We'll see.


  16. Casey says:

    After hearing another online movie critic praise this as the best summer film too, but question the paper-thin parallelism to apartheid, I need to see this for myself now.

    Oh, and I was wondering Bob, is Ponyo on your radar at all?


  17. Sentinel says:

    Amazing, challenging, incredible movie. Also, one of Bob's best reviews (except I have to part ways on the King Kong remake being good – I just couldn't enjoy that one no matter how much I tried).

    I do note, however, that there's a very frequent mis-interpretation of the social commentary aspect, as seen in a comment on this thread:
    How does recreating apartheid, which ended 20+ years ago, equal biting and relevant social commentary?

    Short answer: this film actually isn't commenting much on apartheid. It's offering social commentary on South Africa as it is now. The attitudes towards aliens in the movie are identical to reactions to aliens living in South Africa now (mostly economic refugees from other African countries).

    If there are echoes of apartheid in the film, that is because there are echoes of apartheid in South African society today. But this film is not dredging up the past for self-flagellation, it is offering some very biting commentary on the realities of the present.


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