9 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Surrogates"

  1. Kyle says:

    Great video Bob. I'll definitely have to check this out sooner or later. But after watching this, and visiting Rotten Tomatoes, I was surprised the majority of reviewers disagree with you.

    Which brings me to my question. Do your reviews get put on Rotten Tomatoes? Or is it only the the super special “higher ups” (Time, Entertainment Weekly, New York Times, etc.) that get to?


  2. Mark Carr - ADD@Work Reviews says:

    Good Review as always but I like to ask something that didn't become a huge problem until now. For these reviews on Escapist, there are times where the video bandwidth jumps from rich, professional quality to a Playstation 1 game; it just gets fussy and it's harder to make out what's on screen. It really wasn't a problem until this review where you use text in the video explaining Sci-Fi dialogue. It goes fuzzy for so long that I cant read what it's saying. I'm not 100% sure but I think this may be a problem with Windows Movie Maker's exporting or the wmv file type.

    Is there anyway to fix this problem? Normally I wouldn't say anything about it but this time it really got in the way.


  3. tyra menendez says:

    same problem as mark. sometimes, if you back track, it will clear it. i think it's a server thing because the ones he did on youtube never had that problem.
    also, the halo adds… really annoying. especially when they take up the bottom 8th of the screen and you loose some of the text, and i can't see a way to get rid of it, like an erection on prom night.


  4. Robert says:

    I have to say I missjudged the story by the previews. I thought it was going to be one of those run of the mill “robots rebel against man” sci-fi movies. A plot I've seen plowed so far in the ground it shot out the other side and is nowfloating by Saturn.

    But now? I'm intrested.


  5. Daniella says:

    Agree with Ginger Snaps. My film studies teacher actually made us watch it, yes.. I had an exam based partically on the theme of that movie. Which therefore means it's got at least something worthwhile involved with what may be thought of as a cheesey storyline :]

    and I'm glad Ponyo is good. Tales of Earthsea was so disappointing Ghibli needs something good again..

    Going to the Fantastic Mr Fox preview at the BFI festival on the 15th. Hoping that Wes has lived up to his genius this time as well!!
    .. though.. if he does.. I'm a little worried that all the parents that take their kids to see it will be a bit confused by the large amount of satire and unconventional film style.


  6. Matt says:

    I'll be the first to admit that I was surprised to see Surrogates with a good review from Moviebob.

    You had a good time and I'm happy for you, but you seemed to avoid the issue of how derivative the story was and whatnot.

    Oh well. Willis gave a good performance, that much is true.

    By the way, you also failed to mention that part of the reason Willis isn't foremost considered as an “actor” is because of John 'badass' McClane.

    That sort of heritage shapes your career in a certain way.


  7. Mykal says:

    Thank you for showing me which one is the first Ginger Snap. My cousin been trying to get me to see it for awhile and couldn't figure out which one was the first one.

    Though on the Poyo movie I know it will be good, its Studio Gible. I am always wondering should I wait till it comes out on DVD so I can enjoy the orginal audio and the English, or go see only the English one now.


  8. Bob says:


    For what it's worth, the English version is pretty solid. There's a few characters who look/sound as though they're supposed to be played a lot more “broadly” than they are; but a saving factor is that there isn't a lot of dialogue to begin with… it's mostly two 6 year-olds watching strange things happen and making the occasional observation, and they both peform well enough.


  9. Mykal says:

    Well I figure it would be. it is just that I enjoy watching both. So it is a deal where I could have a slice now or wait till latter and have the whole cake. So do I wait for the whole or only have a slice now. If I have a slice now it make the wait for the whole more tough. Any movie that has the english and original audio is sooooo good.


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