"Nightmare" trailer

Myspace has the HD trailer for Platinum Dunes’ “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake up, here’s the embedd:

I have three immediate strong reactions to this, which I’m inclined to imagine will be shared by a great deal of the web-surfing horror-fan contingent:

#1: The apparent fidelity to the original film(s) is genuinely shocking: Not only do a bevy of the first installments most iconic scenes seem to have been preserved; but the composition, color-palette and even the lighting looks the same. The shot of the pool-party looks like a direct screengrab from “Freddy’s Revenge.” Hell, is that the same factory, even? Color me intrigued, since PD’s previous 80s-horror revamps were both top-to-bottom overhauls.

#2: No really good look at the Freddy makeup yet, maybe they’ll try to save that for opening night, but we do get to hear what is probably Jackie Earl Haley’s “official” Freddy Voice. THIS part is definately NOT aping the originals… the usual malevolent, self-satisfied cackle seems absent from Freddy’s disposition here. If nothing else, it shows that Haley has been granted room to move around in this.

#3: The opening moments of the trailer would seem to confirm the early rumors that there was going to be an added “wrinkle” to the story this time involving the presence of significant doubt as to whether or not Freddy was actually GUILTY of the crimes he was killed for. This will be controversial to fans, but I can understand the angle: A big part of the story in the original film is solving the mystery of just who Freddy Krueger actually is/was. Since the audience this time around can no longer be surprised by those revelations, it makes sense to stage new ones.

I remain fully skeptical that Michael Bay and his Dunes friends are capable of EVER producing a good film, but color me a lot less skeptical than I was ten minutes ago.

11 thoughts on “"Nightmare" trailer

  1. Bob says:

    Not getting Englund was, I think, the first and most-important prerequisite for actually remaking this. The fact is, other than a handful of occasional carry-overs, the ONLY thing that fundamentally connects all the original installments is that it's the “same” Freddy, so to definatively start-over you NEED another guy, another voice, etc.

    Also, just speaking for myself… Englund's Freddy isn't scary anymore; unless you go back and watch the first three films and can divorce yourself from the subsequent “Freddy phenomenon.” It's a brilliant performance and an iconic character, but at this point it's like being “scared” of Dracula in the later “House Of…” or “Abbot & Costello Meet…” Universal Monster movies. It's a 'star cameo' – instead of being afraid of what he's going to do, you're happy to see him.


  2. Kyle says:

    I realize that out of all the horror movies and franchises of the time, A Nightmare on Elm Street really did mean the most to me. I especially liked the dream Warriors one, though I don't remember what number that was.

    My point is, this trailer hit my nostalgia button WAY HARDER than I thought it would. That, plus Haley, and I want to see this movie.


  3. Mykal says:

    Well my major problem is that it looks like any Sci Fi movie of the week with a higher production value. Though I agree with the skepticism since Michael Bay never made a horror movie before.


  4. Morgan says:

    1: Why not get Englund? Maybe he just doesn't want to do Freddy anymore. 🙂

    2: For some of us, Englund as Freddy was never quite as scary as he was supposed to be. When you can't quite get Willie (the alien from V) out of your head, it sort of ruins the effect ;-).

    I probably won't see this anyway, since these sorts of films aren't my cuppa any more. If they were, though, the trailer would have me intrigued.


  5. Chris says:

    After watching this trailer, I was definitely intrigued. But after a while, it kinda gnawed at me. If the Freddy in this movie (as implied by the trailer) is innocent of his crimes, or even pleads his innocence, then that negates the ENTIRE essence of the character. Wes Craven's Freddy was a sadistic, crazy mass murderer/molester who LOVED doing bad things to kids and loved it even more when he got to do it in their dreams. He could whatever he wanted to fuck with them or kill them. It's his M.O. He owns it. If this Freddy is innocent (or even PLEADS his innocence), what in the world would his motivation be for killing the kids in their dreams. Oh, right, revenge. Well, if he's supposedly innocent, why would he go to such great lengths to scare/fuck with/kill these kids who had nothing to do with his death? As I said, this negates the very essence of this character. But I'm not surprised. Platinum Dunes has always screwed up these characters in one way or another. An origin story for Leatherface? Please. A new twist on the Jason origin. Come on. It completely destroys the mystery and allure of these characters that made them scary in the first place.


  6. Bob says:


    I hear you on that, i.e. Freddy has best not be “innocent.” Now, if they were to leave it unknown i.e. we never know if he “actually” did it, that'd be ballsy but I doubt that's the case.

    As is, I've been hearing for awhile now that the “big” deviation in this is that the mystery of “did Freddy do it?” is replacing the original's mystery of “who is this guy?,” which only makes sense considering Freddy's origin is something we all know by now.

    If I had to put money on it, my bet would be that they do the “Ring” gotcha – the good guys will spend most of the 2nd and 3rd act under the impression that Freddy was innocent and that 'righting' that wrong will lift the curse… only to have Freddy turn around at the end and turn out to have been REALLY guilty and even more dangerous than they thought.


  7. Anonymous says:

    If they really want to make this movie scary or at least thought provoking what they need to do is take Peter Lorre's M approach to Freddy Kruger's character.

    Meaning showing a child molester and murder that can't control his urges to do the things he does…hmmm


  8. FistfulOAwesome says:

    Color me unimpressed. This remake doesn't look bad. It looks worse than that. It looks average. I don't get any feeling of any real bit of originality from the trailer. It's even shot in my most hated of color-tones, Nightclub blue and Vomit Brown.

    I'm not against a serious telling of the Freddy story. The problem is that since Halloween (the only good one), every slasher flick has been flawed by one thing: No protagonist to care for.

    The reason Halloween works is because you care about Laurie. You see her aquintaces killed off by a sadistic killer and you worry for her, because she doesn't know what's coming and you do. She's a nice person, so you don't want her to suffer through something so horrible.

    Every slasher flick afterwards fails because there isn't a single protagonist you care about. Sure, several have had one character who was focused on, but they generally end up being so annoying in a different way to the standard slut, mimbo, geek, stoner, ect. meat to grind that you still want them to die.

    You don't care, and once you don't care you pray for the killer to come on screen and entertain you in some way. Any horror movie that makes you root for murder has failed. Nightmare doesn't look like it's changed this.

    I'm surprised you count Dream Warriors among the “scary” Nightmare movies (they've always been hilarious to me). That's probably among the funniest one.

    I'm not against the new Freddy either. Although the changed origin story is as flawed as Chris described.

    As of now, I see this trailer and question what the point of this is. Nobody was begging for a Nightmare remake, and it certainly didn't need it. This movie doesn't seem to do anything that would make a remake worthwhile. It looks generic (Damn you Nightclub Blue/Vomit Brown!), the origin is flawed, and the kids are as damnable as ever. Who spent money on this?


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