A boy can dream

One can rest assured that, in the modern Hollywood, the town is currently FULL of producers and executives who’s job it is to “option” material with their fingers hovering over the metaphorical “button” in regards to various other ‘offbeat’ youth-oriented/Gen-X-beloved literature should “Where The Wild Things Are” become a decent-sized success.

Naturally, this right here will NEVER happen, but… if I were to walk into a theater at some point in the next year and see some approximation of the following imaginary teaser poster up on the wall, I imagine I might pass out right there on the spot…

EDIT: Just to be clear, I know it would be a bad idea, I’m just pointing out that I’d be immediately fascinated to see how it played out.

8 thoughts on “A boy can dream

  1. Mike says:

    I can imagine, but I don't want to imagine. I started reading Calvin and Hobbies when I could start reading. It was my reading lessons. I don't trust any film-maker with something so sacred.

    Oh, did you ever read the 10th Anniversary Collection, it was like every really great DVD commentary to every movie you ever liked in comic form.

    Also, excellent review of a beloved a childrens' classic gone big screen. If I had kids I would march them into the theater myself. I still remember the first time I heard the story, sort of. I was 4, everything was fuzzy then.


  2. Alex Howard says:

    Frankly, I'm glad Bill Watterson would never allow such a thing. It would be an embarrassment, and probably a travesty, to see another set of writers attempt to capture the subtle irony and complexities of Calvin & Hobbes' banter and adventures. Only Bill Watterson can write like Bill Watterson, just look at all the other strips over the years that have tried and failed (like that awful Red & Rover one, where in addition to a talking animal sidekick only the kid can hear, they stole the cardboard box). An attempt to adapt Calvin & Hobbes directly would demonstrate the sheer hubris of Hollywood; their stolid belief that film is the best format for everything.

    A more interesting movie would not be a direct adaptation, but rather a far deeper movie about the attempts by a fan to locate Bill Watterson (it would be set when he was still a recluse in Chagrin Falls) in order to convince him to bring back Calvin & Hobbes. I mean, I know all the Calvin & Hobbes storylines, I don't want to see them butchered by some two-bit screenwriter. But what the hell happened to Bill Watterson after he retired? That's far more interesting.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I always thought that IF a Calvin and Hobbes film was ever made, it should be done by Studio Ghibli.

    Oh, don't give me that weeboo bs. Seriously, if you've ever seen any of their work, it's absolutely riffed with warmth and imagination. Of course with they do make a Calvin and Hobbes movie, it'd be live action because apparently animation is inferior…


  4. soldierhawk says:

    I'm rather with Mike on this one. Calvin and Hobbes is just…well…there are just some things adults shouldn't touch. Unless it was Watterson himself at the helm, I wouldn't trust it, and Watterson is way too smart to attempt to make a movie out of his creation. That's part of why (stupid, unauthorized Calvin-peeing-on-logo-X decals aside) his creation has remained so pure.

    That said, seeing that poster concept did make me go all misty, and I imagine more than one excited shout would be wrested out of me if I ever saw something like it in the theatre.


  5. Nick says:

    A brilliant idea if it was helmed by the right guy, but this might fall under Watterson's keep-your-hands-off-my-characters decree. Still, with “Where The Wild Things Are” seeing huge success, who knows what could happen. Not a bad thought, Bob.


  6. Anonymous says:

    You know Bill Watterson would never let that happen. He fought his entire career against ANY form of marketing the comic. That's why you see no official, t-shirts, toys, posters etc. There is no chance that he would let them make a movie out of the thing.

    And that's ignoring how terrible an idea it is in the first place 😛


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