14 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "2012"

  1. Robert says:

    Whoa…whooa WHOA there moviebob. You have a train to catch or something? You were going way to fast in this reveiw! You're not dealing with Youtube timelimits anymore man. Or is the escapist cracking down on you?

    Seriously I love your reveiws both of movies and games. I much perfer you normal pace over turbo crack-powered super bob. I still understood what you said yeah, but i didn't have time to ENJOY what you said.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey MovieBob
    I didn't think that intro was very funny, but you made it up ten times over by adding that Micheal bay interpretation of 2012, I laughed my ass off at least 15 times, replaying that scene over and over. Thanks

    oh yeah, and Robert is just slow


  3. Matt says:

    Good review. Good review.

    In particular, loved the bashing of the 2012 myth and Michael Bay.

    But perhaps Michael Bay could have made a decent movie out of this. Bad subject matter plus a bad director may just come out well.

    After all, a double negative can form a positive. No shit?

    Oh, also, what was the deal with the number of F-Bombs dropped this time? Much more than usual. Sounds like you had a bit of passion behind this review.


  4. Arcane Azmadi says:

    Dude, great review, but why were you censoring your “fuck”s? It was distracting.

    This is why MovieBoB is a genius and one of the few internet critics actually worth listening to- he's not just a jumped-up fan, he actually KNOWS FUCKING MOVIES. That's why when he tells you Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen sucks balls you sit down, shut up and take his word for it.


  5. Akrin says:

    i was just wondering how much You where paid to do this review… this is the most disappointing review i have ever watched. and Yes – its because this movie su..k ass big time. its lacking on every level in every aspect. For me its the last review i will every watch made by You. Sell out ..:(


  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice Sarah Palin slam in there!

    Maybe you can throw in the word “teabagger” in your little political sections.

    If I wanted to read Huffpo or DU, I'd go there. I don't need yet another site bashing Republicans or Conservatives.

    That's reaaal fucking original.

    Review movies and leave the political bullshit out of it.


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