I wholeheartedly support this unlikely and possibly baselass rumor

Heading out to a “Ninja Assassin” screening and a midnight of “New Moon” – since my press-invite seems to have gotten lost in the mail or whatever – but this was a little too on-topic to pass up.

The big “geek rumor” of the last few weeks has been that Sam Raimi and the “Spider-Man 4” production have been casting around for actresses to play Felicia Hardy, aka “The Black Cat.” Fans of breasts and those with financial stake in any manufacturer of Adult Female Halloween costumes, rejoice.

Character is a professional thief, sometimes equipped with magical “bad luck powers,” with the uncanny ability to creep about unnoticed in spite of a physique and costuming preferences that insure she enters a room about thirty full seconds before she enters a room, if you take my meaning. Mainly started out as a shameless “Catwoman” knockoff, but became a mainstay once artists’ enthusiam for drawing her (and fans’ enthusiasm for buying products bearing her… let’s say “face”) somewhat cornered writers’ into doing something interesting with her; in this case making her (pyschologically) into a female role-reversal on her own male fans: She’s obsessed with Spider-Man, but strictly as an object of fetish – standard-characterization is she’s got it bad for Spidey as-in “the guy in the red/blue costume,” and has an almost-violent lack of interest in who he actually is without it. For those playing at home, THIS is why Peter Paker’s life always has to be stacked to suck so much – so that we can still feel bad for him even with stuff like “consequence-free no-strings on-call copulation with stunning blonde sex-addict” also hanging around his background. (Speaking of writers, it took approximately 2 1/2 pages under Kevin Smith’s pen for Cat to “come out” as bisexual, right at the point when that was still somewhat novel for female superheroes. That’s a record, even for Smith.)

As is common with these things, even though NO ONE from the production has confirmed that this is even remotely true, “anonymous sources” (read: people’s agents) have been leaking rumors of pretty-much every age-appropriate female actress working as being “considered for the role.” Julia Stiles, Rachel McAdams and others got name-dropped right away, with Anne Hathaway (dear god, do I even dare DREAM!?) being the most-recent. The only reason you’re not hearing Scarlett Johansson’s name is that she’s already “Black Widow” in “Iron Man 2” and “Avengers.”

Left unsaid is how pissed Warner Bros. will be if this is true and they’re now “prevented” by not wanting to look dopey from the otherwise-obvious inclusion of Catwoman in the next “Batman.”

7 thoughts on “I wholeheartedly support this unlikely and possibly baselass rumor

  1. Drunken Lemur says:

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. I'm not sure I even want a fourth Spider-Man movie. The question is, who would the main villain be, even if this is true. She obviously can't hold the entire movie by herself. My vote is for The Scorpion.


  2. DarkMagic.com says:

    Ookkaay..A fourth Spider-Msn movie!? Why do they do this?!? It`s not like the second or third was any good, okay maby just a little bit (or even les..)
    But a fourth movie?!! Oh come on, really?!?! The first one might have been all right, but come on..Arrgh



  3. seraphmaclay says:

    Yeah, unfortunately, the best person for the role is already sitting in the Daily Bugle as Betty Brant, by which I mean, Elizabeth Banks…then again, she's virtually unrecognizable as a brunette unless you look real close at her. Please let this be real, as she's my favorite Marvel character.



  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    well, they already have the guy who becomes the lizard, sitting around. but, yeah, the real question is, do we want a 4th spider-man? after the debacle of the 3rd one, does anyone even want to make the 4th one?


  6. David says:

    I loved black cat. Both as a character and as the walking eye candy store she is.

    But I don't want her in the next film because I don't want Raimi to mess her up. Of all the spiderman characters ever adapted to another medium, she was the only one to be consistently well done.

    Leaving behind the fact that there is no human woman who actually looks like she does, if there were raimi wouldn't cast them. This is the guy who cast Dopey mcguire as the lead and Topher grace as a villain. I spent the entirety of SM3 realizing how ridiculous it was that both Topher Grace and James Franco make better Spidermans (spidermen?) than TM ever could.

    And as doable (pun not intended) as the costume is (pick a major convention. You'll find at least 3 good Black cat cosplays out there) you know damn well they are going to try to update it, making it less dramatic and almost certainly showing less skin.


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