Kingdom of Gladiator Hood

COMING SOON has the first actual trailer (an “international” sizzle-reel type thing) for Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” movie:

…yeah. This is another one of those teasers, like the early ones for “Sherlock Holmes.” that’re so concerned with reminding you of other recent movies the target-demo may have liked (in this case: 300, Gladiator, King Arthur, LOTR and so on) that there’s really no way to tell what the hell it is until the title comes up – before that, this might as well be the trailer for “Untitled Medieval Russel Crowe Actioner #5.” That it doesn’t look especially different “aesthetically” from “Prince of Thieves” over a decade ago is… not a good sign. Still, one must remember that this is Ridley Scott, who’s movies are usually better than their trailers (or, in some cases, the version that actually opened – if you’ve not seen the director’s cut of “Kingdom of Heaven,” DO SO: It’s one of the best films of his career.)

The history of this production has been ridiculous – assuming that ANY of it has been true: Depending on who you ask, this may or may not have started as a project called “Nottingham,” which would’ve been a revisionist version of the story with Robin as an illegitimately-lionized thug with a flair for self-promotion and the Sherriff as the put-upon good guy trying to bring him down even with “the people” against him. Sounds cool, right? Well, whether or not that was ever the case, it wasn’t for long: The next anyone heard of it, no one could confirm which of the two roles Crowe would be playing, and a NEW rumor surfaced that he’d actually be BOTH – either as some kind of “meta” casting or another “revisionist” take in which “Robin” is actually Nottingham’s secret-identity, which he creates in order to subvert The Crown himself. Also a nifty take, also apparently not-happening.

There’s also been some unsubstantiated talk that the people paying for the production more-or-less “demanded” that Scott/Crowe deliver a straight-ahead “unofficial-sequel-to-Gladiator” style take; resulting in this film which Universal is describing as another “real history behind the legend” go-round of the familair outline – i.e. Robin as disillusioned Crusades veteran who forms a woodland guerilla posse to fight unfair taxation.

5 thoughts on “Kingdom of Gladiator Hood

  1. Dav3 says:

    I thought the Scotts (Ridley and Tony) had their own production company in Scott Free, doesn't that mean they can make whatever the hell they want without interference from “the money”?

    Also, I'm one of the 6 people who liked KoH from the get-go, what's different about the director's cut?


  2. Bob says:


    The director's cut is, literally, a completely different movie. I won't spoil the main points, but suffice it to say that there's a MAJOR character who is in literally 75% of the DC, on whom most of the 2nd Act and the beginning of the 3rd Act revolve and who's existance COMPLETELY changes the motivations of Balain, Sybilla, the King and the Templar leader who was totally removed from the theatrical version. Imagine if Comissioner Gordon didn't exist in “The Dark Knight” – that's how different it is. Night and day.


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