Brittany Murphy, RIP

What. The. Fuck?

Not much to say about this save that it sucks. She worked so intermittently (save for a decade of playing Luanne on “King of The Hill”) and often in such forgettable projects, people generally overlooked how talented she was.

4 thoughts on “Brittany Murphy, RIP

  1. Peter S. says:

    That was more or less my reaction. It really gives one pause to reflect on just how fragile and fleeting life really is. She was only ten years my senior and you really just don't expect something like this to happen to someone so close to your age when you're of such a young age yourself. Jesus…


  2. Kyle says:

    When I think of Brittany Murphy I always remember the tiny part she played in Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar's musical number when they hosted the Mtv Movie Awards: “Movies Kick Ass” (they show people having sex)

    She was great. Will be missed.


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