Escape to the Movies: "Sherlock Holmes"

What, you were expecting me to take the day off?

And here’s INTERMISSION, in which I do the year-end top-ten thing:\

Merry Christmas! (Or holiday of your choosing, of course.)

10 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Sherlock Holmes"

  1. Alejandro Pro says:

    Hey, man. I don't wanna watch any reviews or read anything before watching the Holmes movie. I wanna go in without any kind of prejudice (even though one of the screenwriters is the guy who did X-Men 3, Fantastic Four, Jumper and other things…). Sadly, this means skipping your review, since you said it contained “mild spoilers” 😛 I'll have to wait until mid-january (when it's in theaters over here, in Argentina) to go see it.
    That aside, thanks for everything! Your reviews are usually a great way for me to end a long week. I've been checking your blog out for the better part of two years now, and it was you that introduced me to the Escapist Magazine. So yeah, thank you =)
    Have a very Merry Christmas, Bob! Now go watch The Muppets Family Christmas Special, or A Very Charlie Brown Christmas, and enjoy it =)


  2. Euler d'Moogle says:

    Huh? The first Sherlock Holmes to have an anti-social Homes and an intelligent Watson? No love for Granada TV's excellent series in the 80's? Granted it jumped the shark in '91, but we had six years of the best Sherlock Holmes I've yet to see.


  3. Disco says:

    I can't agree with this review enough.
    Also, what's with all the random-fact-as-plot-device movies that are showing up lately? Have there always been movies like DaVinci Code, National Treasure and their ilk, or am I just noticing it now?


  4. Euler d'Moogle says:

    I saw the movie last night and enjoyed it for what it was. Moviebob is 100% right in his assessment, but as a Sherlock Holmes fanboy and be remiss in not pointing out a serious problem in the timeline.

    In the movie, Irene Norton finds Sherlock and announces that she is no longer married and once again, Irene Adler. This would put the story quite firmly after A Scandal in Bohemia but also in the movie, Dr. Watson is not yet married which he has clearly done so before the start of A Scandal in Bohemia. Either I'm seriously missing something here or you there's no way to resolve this discrepancy even with six dwarfs and a stolen map of time and space.


  5. tyra menendez says:

    glad you brought up the house thing, because i kept thinking that, through the whole review. even though, house is sober, now. still, all the parallels are there in seasons 1-5. he's even english, in a manner.


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