STILL MORE from Captain America!

Holy shit.

I kinda figured that once Joe Johnston hit the junket circuit for “Wolfman” we’d start getting Captain America news, but this is a literal DELUGE so far. Yesterday the LA Times reported on the “solution’ to the tricky issue of costuming, and now Chud’s Devin faraci has quotes from Johnston about how they plan to solve the OTHER massive hurdle of putting this character onscreen: Namely, selling it in places other than America:

Let’s face it, while any fanboy worth his salt can tell you quite plainly that Captain America is pretty-much the exact OPPOSITE of the flag-waving, jingoistic douchebag you might imagine him to be from the name and the outfit – but try telling that to audiences in Europe, Asia and the Middle East who’re at best cynical and at worst reflexively-hostile to the idea of an “All-American” superhero. Marvel Films’ solution: European/Allied co-star heroes…

…more, specifically: THE INVADERS, a (retconed) Marvel team of WWII-era heroes who counted Cap as a member (if not “leader”) and fought alongside him against the Nazis. Think of them as “Avengers: Mark I.” In the comics, MOST of them were also Americans, but could be made multinational with very little revision. Johnston tells Devin they’re “the whole second half” of the movie… I bet meeting a slew of OTHER costumed-adventurers fits nicely into the aforementioned “oh, NOW I get the point of the dopey suit” angle.

The INVADERS… in live-action?? To borrow a line from Patton Oswalt… what god did I please!?

One sticking-point yet to be elaborated on: TWO of the most-prominent Invaders – Sub-Mariner and Human Torch (not the Fantastic Four one, a different guy who’s also an android. It’s… complicated) have their ‘rights’ still tied up at Fox, not Marvel Films. They’re both pretty “weird,” though, so I doubt we’d see them anyway. Probably a mix of original Invaders, other characters that’d “fit” and newly-created fellows. I’d love to see Union Jack (he’s exactly what he sounds like) in there for England.

11 thoughts on “STILL MORE from Captain America!

  1. JJ says:

    Who else likes Eli Roth as the Blue Bullit (a Polish Jew superhero)? Alittle obvious after his performance in Inglourious Basterds, yeah, but who cares? It would be awesome!


  2. Cenobite829 says:

    Got one more for you. Because Spitfire is supposed to be Union Jack's daughter we will need a young actress. How about Emma Watson from Harry Potter. She has shown that she can do at least some action so I think this could be good.


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