ETTM Special: "Bond Girls"

“The Escapist’s” current issue is all about spy stuff, so they asked me to do a special-episode about the women of James Bond movies. So here’s that:

11 thoughts on “ETTM Special: "Bond Girls"

  1. Rubbav1 says:

    Ha ha Bob, I see you once again see you ragging on our Secretary of State. I mean sure she did try to ban video games that one time, and yes she is prone to compromise on her stance politically for the most mundane, ineffectual reasons and…what was I saying?

    Oh yeah, but you could go a bit easier on her, I mean she hasn't done anything too bad lately, right?


  2. Michael Savage says:

    Dude Olga and that cute Redhead are by far the best bond girls ever in a movie, not to mention the best looking. Daniel Craig is the man.

    oh yeah, ignore Rubbav1,
    Hilary sucks, but why cant you do any Obama bashing? it really isn't hard Bob, the only good thing I have ever seen him do is start making more nuclear power plants.

    At the very least please make a sequel to that game over thinker episode where you tried to determine which political party video game characters belong to.


  3. Rubbav1 says:

    No don't ignore Rubbav1,
    I don't truly see any reason for the slightly sexist, political scorn for the old girl. I sincerely want you to elaborate on the your disdain.

    Also, I would like to point out that besides proposing a lot of legislation, Obama hasn't done anything besides disbanding the moon project (which I still say is for the better so that we can focus on Mars!). It would be unfair and unwise to mock or congratulate someone for an action that hasn't come yet (just ask the Nobel Foundation for helping us stay away from a surge in Afghanistan, oh wait).


  4. Christian says:

    I don't think I've ever disagreed with you this much, Bob. Moore was horrendous and Eva Green was the only Bond girl I was actually upset to see die(OMG SPOILER).


  5. Dav3 says:

    Nice little retrospective there, Bob.

    You really make an excellent point about the inversion of the feminist culture as well as the replacement of “Bond-movies” by movies that simply “include a guy named Bond”.

    In that sense I can see how Goldeneye maybe doesn't quite clear the bar. But I still say that, man to man, Pierce Brosnan is a better 007 than Roger Moore.

    I mean, c'mon, Moore playing a tough-guy is about as believable as Mr T. playing Ghandi.

    (I'd totally watch that movie, though)


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  7. Nathan Tramp says:

    Dude, awesome retrospective. It's like you found American sex culture of the 20th century played out in microcosm by the girls of James Bond.

    As far as movie critics go, this much knowledge of culture, politics, and art makes you a top-notch critic in my book. “MOVIEBOB” is officially my first go-to resource on all things cinema.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Bob, I agree with a lot of your points there.

    However, Craig's Bond, in my opinion, is the only way Bond can exist in the 21st century. The old sixties Bond didn't die- he is just called Austin Powers today. There is no serious way you can transport the old Bond in today's world.
    And I think, while the action in today's Bond may remind of the Bourne films, there are still worlds between the two main characters. And it is for Craig's modern take on the Bond character that I can appreciate the films for.


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