Captain America casting…

…is probably a few weeks or less away, given that they’re now making casting shortlists public. Deadline Hollywood had the main list, which primarily included Chace Crawford, John Krasinski, Scott Porter, Mike Vogel, Michael Cassidy and Patrick Flueger:

So… mostly TV actors under 30, which makes a certain inevitable sense when you’re “deal” is a $300,000 payday conditional on signing up for NINE MORE MOVIES plus the first one. Still, since none of them are square-jawed, barrel-chested, world-weary men who look like idealized daddy-figures (or Alex Ross paintings, same thing really) cue fan consternation… now 😉

Guys… can’t we save time on these things at this point? Insert-superhero-here is NOT going be and will NEVER BE played by Bruce Campbell, Nathan Fillion, John Hamm, or whoever is “anachronistically masculine semi-famous actor of the moment.” (Apparently Neal McDonough is a fan fave for Cap, too, presumably because he’s… blonde?) Just repeat that to yourself every time a new franchise announced, and it’ll make everything smoother. Here, you can start practicing now: Shane Black is going to write and direct the “Doc Savage” movie… NONE of those guys are going to be Doc Savage. See? Easy.

Meanwhile, Cinematical says that “sources” claim Krasinski essentially has the part, which would be… interesting, to say the least:

For what it’s worth, Krasinski has a tangential connection to the production already: His fiancee is Emily Blunt, who just made “The Wolfman” with director Joe Johnston.

Anyway, while I’m here, here’s what I want to know: Is Bucky Barnes in this movie? And as a follow-up: Why is no one asking this but me?

5 thoughts on “Captain America casting…

  1. Dav3 says:

    I certainly don't.

    Not that I'm against it, I'm just not THAT familiar with most comics below the surface. (Most of what I know I learned from the first Marvel:Ultimate Alliance game)

    Movie-wise though, it seems like a natural fit to have a character like that alongside Cap, “sharing his journey” and whatnot.

    As far as Krasinski in the part, I'd be interested to see how that might turn out. I understand what your saying about not being right for Cap physically, but he doesn't really need to be Stallone to make a good WWII action hero.

    I think the most important aspect to get right will be the attitude of the character. (I'm thinking something like Clint Eastwood in Kelly's Hero's)

    Call me crazy, but I can see Krasinski accoplishing that.


  2. Peter S. says:

    I'm intrigued to say the least as to how this project turns out. Having Krasinski in the title role would definitely be an intresting choice. Something to consider is that Steve Rogers was something of a wimp before he became the Cap, and it'd be easier for them to make prosthetics that enhance muscle mass as opposed to somehow reducing the muscle mass of their actor which (from my estimation) is physically impossible. It was like when Reb Brown was cast as Captain America; he was already built like a brick-shithouse BEFORE he was injected with F.L.A.G. and his “transformation” really wasn't noticable.


  3. JJ says:

    What do you mean when you say “anachronistically masculine?” Is the John Wayne look no longer manly? What does a “man's man” look like in 2010? Also, you say “idealized daddy-figures” as if that's a bad thing;). In my opinion, casting suggestions that go to John Hamm first and stop well before we get to Chace Crawford (WTF?) is just fine.


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