Makes too much sense to be true…

…would be my reaction to this IESB rumor story about the “full” scope of Christopher Nolan’s “shepherding” of future DC Comics superhero movies:

Short version of the rumor(s), in general order:

1.) Nolan directs “Batman 3” and produces the Superman non-sequel/no-reboot currently being called “The Man of Steel.”

2.) Nolan’s brother Johnathan and good-buddy David Goyer are writing both the Batman and Superman films, with an eye on Johnathan Nolan making “Man of Steel” HIS directorial debut.

3.) In addition, Christopher Nolan is ALSO “in charge” (in some capacity, at least) of the currently fast-tracked “Flash” and “Green Lantern” movies, along with the other DC “mainline” hero projects yet to be set up (Wonder Woman? Aquaman?) with an eye on cross-franchise synergy leading up to…

4.) …A franchise-unifying “Justice League” team-up movie to be directed by Nolan AFTER Batman 3 and Superman have come out.


From where I sit, this all makes a little too much sense to be true. See, people tend to forget that the DC characters are in a different situation than the Marvel guys, where the rights are spread among different studios and Marvel is only able to try the current “Avengers” experiment because they’re doing it in-house. DC, on the other hand, is owned lock, stock and barrel by Warner Bros… ALL of it. In other words, the only reason you see or don’t see ANY DC movie is because someone at WB simply said yes or no. They’ve been capable of greenlighting a Justice League movie, a series of crossovers, a Martian Manhunter rom-com, ANYTHING for decades now and have never managed to get their shit together in all that time. The Nolan bros. have a big Dark Knight shaped dick to swing around in Hollywood right now, sure, but I have a hard time believing that even having the current God of Fanboy Reassurance onhand to bless things is enough to suddenly kick everything so completely into place.

Even still, I’d be more “intrigued” to see this work than excited. If the follow-up to TDK, Superman, Flash and the rest are now supposed to be living in the same universe… how exactly does that work? Will the Nolans risk hacking off all the folks who’ve come to worship “Knight’s” steadfast commitment to “gritty realism” by suddenly having “that” Batman hanging out with aliens, speedsters and Amazonian princesses? Or will it be everyone ELSE who has to get refitted into Batman’s world – i.e. will they ALL be sporting underwhelming black robo-armor and chronic laringitis?

5 thoughts on “Makes too much sense to be true…

  1. Foxed says:

    Are you kidding? The whole “DC already has all their properties under one house” only helps this make more sense!

    They want to get while the getting's good. They're a little behind, but I imagine the plan is to get a JL movie out around Avengers 2.


  2. Cenobite829 says:

    I have to agree with Foxed on this. With all the buzz about the Avengers movie and almost all of it being positive it only follows that DC gets their own property ready. And if Avengers were to tank then DC wouldn't follow suit.


  3. Dave says:

    Looks ot me like DC is just using their animted model for films. Timm and Dini essentially defined batman for tv, then made a version of superman, then did batman beyond, then brought it all together in justice league. And it was awesome. Now they just make one shot movies based on popular arcs in the comics.

    I'm willing to be that they are using that as a model for the new films. Not terribly sure it will work…but excited to see it attempted. Nolan's proved he cares about the essence of the characters more than the letter and that is what matters.

    And I'd really like to see a good superman movie. Just one. Is that so hard?


  4. Anonymous says:

    The problem just ends up being, the Justice League is boring. All the characters might be good and interesting (and not all of them are, but that's neither here nor there) but unlike the Avengers, it's going to be difficult to get a villain to make it all seem threatening JUST with the core members.

    Let's be honest: With Superman floating around, what is Wonder Woman (much less the Flash) going to do to seem relevant?


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