Tales of Mystery… Guests

Surprising absolutely nobody, the “stay through the credits” signal has gone up on “Iron Man 2,” something of a foregone conclusion but nice heads-up. With that in mind, let’s have some fun with guestimate-polling: When Nick Fury (or whoever) pulls back the curtain, opens then manilla folder, whatever… what’s gonna be in there? For laffs, pick two: The one you THINK you’ll see, and the one you WANT to see…

A.) Dr. Bruce Banner “and his big friend.”

B.) Chris Evans, dressed like a flag.

C.) An ice cube containing a shape vaugely resembling Chris Evans dressed like a flag.

D.) Musclebound Norwegian with a hammer, dressed for a Renaissance Faire.

E.) A red, green and yellow robot.

F.) Vaugely goth-ish brunette in bright red fetish-gear.

G.) Prematurely graying lad dressed like a male figure skater.

H.) F&G together.

I.) Very small woman with insect wings.

J.) Purple man with bow and arrow.

K.) Flying aircraft-carrier.

16 thoughts on “Tales of Mystery… Guests

  1. Drunken Lemur says:

    Probably Either A or C, possibly B if Thor takes place before Iron Man 2. It's too soon for any of the other characters, since they haven't been prepped for movies themselves. Granted a Vision movie would have to come after and Avengers movie, but since he was built by Hank Pym, and the Antman movie isn't going to be a part of The Avengers, that pretty much kills any chance of seeing either of them or The Wasp. Not sure about the Maximoff Twins, since those started out as X-Men characters, and they haven't been screwed up yet. Hawkeye is looking like the most likely of the ones you mentioned to appear, though I'm not sure how his costume would look. As for the ones I do hope for, I'd love to see the Helicarrier or Thor.


  2. Dav3 says:

    I think K makes the most sense. You'd imagine something that cool would have to be a part of the Avengers movie, and that Stark whould be directly involved in it.

    Also, it would only have to be a single blueprint, or hologram, or line of dialog, so it would be pretty efficient buzz-for-the buck.

    I'm also recalling a scene in the trailer where RDj is apparently reading his own file in front of Nick Fury. That might imply a scene of Stark and Fury going over the possible roster, which might mean we'll see all of the above.


  3. Walsfeo says:

    C. makes sense, B. slightly less sense but just barely.
    K. should probably appear before the ending credits, if not that'd be my bet.

    If they could do it right, I'd really love to see Hawkeye, but I doubt that's possible.


  4. DJ says:

    Thor would be nice. But an easy yet cool thing to do would be Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Mute the purple and Hawkeye would be bad ass.

    Maybe the scene opens up in Tony's lab. Nick and Tony get into an argument about something Nick is doing…perhaps building the Shield helicarrier with confiscated Stark technology…maybe Tony reaches to grab Fury's shoulder as Fury walks away and suddenly…WHAP! An arrow pins Tony's shirt cuff to the wall. Nick turns to Tony as Hawkeye steps out of the shadows.

    FURY: Oh, I almost forgot. This is Clint Barton.

    TONY: What the the hell is he doing here, other than shooting holes in my $500 shirt?

    FURY: He's your new teammate

    HAWKEYE(Smirking): Call me Hawkeye.

    Thats what I would do. Thor would be hard seeing as Favreau isn't really keen on the idea of Thor and Iron Man mixing anyway. But a Thor sighting or a Hawkeye sighting would be the two characters that would give me a nerdgasm.


  5. Dave says:

    No love for antman/giant man/goliath/yellowjacket/wasp II/whatever the hell he's being called this week?

    I honestly don't think we'll see any of those per se. IM2 is supposed to be a self contained storyline. But i think we may see footage of a very pissed off asian warlord.


  6. Drunken Lemur says:

    It's because Ed Wright is already adapting Antman into a movie. It's going to be about the first two Antmen, Hank Pym and Scott Lang. It's going to focus on the two of them at different times, and from what I'm guessing, it may be the first comic movie to deal with a legacy character passing the mantle. It's a similar situation as why Spider-Man never interacted with the X-Men in their movies. Although I do like the idea of Mandarin showing up at some point.


  7. Dave says:

    Can I just add that I have no idea why anyone cares about hawkeye? Peopel online seemed hyped about him but I never liked him. He always seemed to be a green arrow ripoff with a stupid costume and an attitude problem.


  8. Chris says:

    Guessing B with C as a very close second option.

    D would be funnier.

    K is what I wish for. Flying aircraft-carriers are ridiculous stupid but God help it I love them.
    But then again it's not like Mecha is any more viable and I love those as well 🙂


  9. Joseph Valencia says:

    Nick Fury: “I want to talk to you about the MvC initiative.”

    :Reveals a dude wearing white karate gear and a red bandana:

    Tony Stark: “Ah, I heard about you. Ryu-something… wasn't it?”


  10. Anonymous says:

    I reckon it'll be like this:

    A black SUV speeds across the desert, and, when seen pulling up from the front, under the license plate reads “NEW MEXICO – THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT”. Cuts to a government agent overlooking a large crater, who then turns to face the camera while he calls someone on his phone.. then from out of the crater flies a huge hammer.. landing just half in the shot, showing you mostly the red cloth handle..

    Imagine that, huh? But hey, what do I know..
    (0140 – 4/28/10)


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