Escape to the Movies: "The Losers"

It’s a wholly-appropriate title.

This week’s “Intermission” is titled “What’s The Problem With Hit-Girl?”:

8 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "The Losers"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm just waiting for this Kick-Ass phase to blown over and for the film to be forgotten about already.

    The comic sucked. The movie bombed. Move on to better things, Bob, like how awesome A-Team may actually end up being given the latest trailer (they're shooting down planes in a falling tank!)


  2. Leoja92 says:

    Great stuff as always and while I'm on a super hero kick, did you happen to see this months other big super hero movie release “Defendor” with Woody Harleson and if so what did you think?


  3. tom shapira says:

    The Kick Ass comics was, indeed, not vey good (though it would take a lot to call anything with Romita Jr. on art pure 'suck'). The movie is (much) better. The 'bombed ine box office' thing doesn't matter – I would assume that as a cinema lover you have your own share of 'why did no one watch this – this is great' movies.
    All this, of course, assuming you actually watched the movie… if not I would urge you not to dismiss it so lightly.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ, another throwback compliment to District 9? Bob, seriously, listen up. Jerk off to your prawn fan fiction or whatever you have to do pre-show but can we stop fucking hearing about District 9 in every other review? It wasn't Citizen Kane and no real critic even references that movie as much as you love to harp on D9. So do what you have to do, love that movie if you have to but can we stop fucking hearing about it.
    Also, you seem to be doing the same thing with Kick-Ass so let's cut that shit off at the pass. Kick-Ass could be good or it could even be great but we do not need to hear about it being so for the next nine months.


  5. Filmduck says:

    Yes, Defendor! Great film, I would also love to hear your opinion on that one. As for the losers, it sounds like you either didn't read or didn't think much of the comic, which, either way, is a shame. Its a great comic book series; it really is. It is also why, with an exception of Saldana's horrible performance, I really began to appreciate the amazing cast and how great their performances were and also in how they replicated their comic book counterparts so well. Also, even though I would have preferred max to be the behind the scenes character he was in the comic that was one hell of a performance you didn't give even a tiny shout out. I agree wholeheartedly about the mediocre plotting though. I'm just curious why you didn't mention anything about the cast really?


  6. bobbzman says:

    What's interesting to me about the whole Hit-Girl controversy is that the reviewers (like Ebert) harp on her gender and then make connections to school shootings. Have they completely forgotten that girls don't do that? The VAST majority of youth-related violent crimes are committed by males, and yet providing a violent male role model for them is par for the course. But throw in a girl, and suddenly it's taboo.


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