Iron Man Easter Egg (NOT a spoiler)

(The following does not contain spoilers for Iron Man 2, but those being extra careful should probably skip it anyway.)

EDIT: It’s also come to my attention that inconsiderate people are spoiling in the comments, so think twice before you click THAT, too.

Apparently Marvel hasn’t been as johnny-on-the-spot at keeping the actual content of the “stay through the credits” tag of Iron Man 2 secret as opposed to the first one, and people should be aware that some sites are being less than diligent about spoiler warnings. (Though I’m also hearing that the movie-proper, which I’ve not seen yet, may actually have so much other-franchise-referencing in it’s actual plot that spoiler-proofing may be impossible – the words “feature-length Avengers trailer” have been used more than once.)

For the record, as of last night there were at least 2 pirated snaps of it floating around (I’m sure the whole thing is on the youtubes by now) one of which is (supposedly) innocuous i.e. “that could be anything” and one that gives it all away.

I saw the first one before clicking away RIGHT away last night, I reccomend you don’t go looking at all in case there’s something in there more obvious that I missed. For what it’s worth, what (I think) I saw could reasonably be one of about three things, at least two of which would be RIDICULOUSLY ballsy, game-changing stuff.

Are you excited? I’m excited.

6 thoughts on “Iron Man Easter Egg (NOT a spoiler)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh also,


    There is Capt. 'Merka's broken shield about 2/3rds in, tying together Howard Stark's involvement in the early stages of The Avengers and the Capt. So there was no need for the easter egg to be anyone but THOR.



  2. Nils says:

    (Spoiler-free comment)The movie just opened here in Sweden. I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one, but it was still a lot of fun when all the plots finally came together in the third act. The parts that were most fun were of course all the allusions to other Avengers (a familiar item makes a cameo somewhere in the middle, in what I found to be a pretty hilarious way…) And definatly stick around until after the credits. It blew ny mind and all I could say to my friend afterwards was: “My god. That just happened. It's actually going to be.”


  3. Gareth says:

    It feels weird to be in New Zealand and protecting Americans from spoilers. Usually it's the other way round. Anyway, I was anticpating the tag all through the movie and it still managed to surprise me.


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