Cinco de… Machete??

Here are five words I never expected to see together: Socially-conscious Robert Rodriguez movie:

AICN has what looks like the new “official” trailer for RR’s “Grindhouse“-spinoff, “Machete.” It’s a mix of what looks like the original footage from the ‘fake’ trailer, new stuff featuring the expanded cast (Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal and ROBERT DENIRO, among others) …and an opening intro from star Danny Trejo that Machete has a “special message… for ARIZONA!”

For those who’ve forgotten: The plot here involves an illegal-immigrant Mexican migrant worker who get’s hired as an assassin, double-crossed as part of a conspiracy involving an anti-immigration senator, and goes on a revenge spree backed by what looks like an army of armed immigrant-activists. HOLY. SHIT.

What’s kind of amazing about this is that Rodriguez has already been shooting this for awhile now (if you want to count Grindhouse, it’s probably the longest development time for ANY Rodriguez movie since… Desperado, at least?) so the immigration plot was already in there; but now thanks to Arizona’s “papers, please” law it looks more like a “hot-topic-exploitation-picture” than ever.

I hope this goes viral. I want to see the shitstorm this causes.

12 thoughts on “Cinco de… Machete??

  1. Christopher says:

    Sometimes I think Rodriguez is mentally “unhinged” when he makes movies. But merely calling him that is a GROSS understatement. He is bat-shit loco insane, and I love it when a director can take this sheer madness and convert it to a crazy-ass looking film. This was mostly gonna pass the year as an over-the-top action flick, but God has sent Rodriguez this Arizona debacle to turn a mockery of B-level action movies to a socially conscious action flick. Two words: HOLY SHIT


  2. Blowshimselfupdude says:

    “We didn't cross the boarder the boarder cross us!” AAAAHHH WTF is is that. That line doesn't make ANY sense and it's delivered really pourly. Just UGH. That was really bad. But the rest looks ok.


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