Yeah, I know this is about a year old at this point…

Are there any of these with Blade?

20 thoughts on “Mashup

  1. Joe says:

    I have had it Bob. I had put up with you and your ignorant double talk you spew on this blog such as…

    ” I don't generalize anyone!… even though the easiest prediction anybody will make this week is that General McChrystal will join the tea baggers cause army guy + criticism = TEABAGGIN LOL”

    Not to mention your shitty Glen Wreck style analysis of one of the shittiest movies ever (Twilight 3) – “IM SO PISSED THIS MOVIE VALUES VIRGINITY! RAWRRRRRR! Its a blueprint for DOMESTIC ABUSE!
    Marriage+Loving somebody=DOMESTIC ABUSE!
    well not always…. but its still a possibility/blueprint. So therefore its bad.
    Im just an enemy of the slippery slope fallacy as the next guy! Remember when I made fun of those guys that said COD4 fans will kill everyone?”

    I can see by reading your past comments that your “fans” are getting tired of you talking about politics and moral issues for two main reasons…

    1.You're a hypocrite who wants to appear as an independent thinker,(even though you rape your blog posts and videos with you liberal bias nonstop)

    2.You have the tendency to contradict yourself in 2 minutes or less. (see examples above)

    Newsflash dipshit. You aren't qualified to talk about sensitive issues just because you can point out the obvious flaws in Twilight while exaggerating them at the same time.

    You aren't “politically aware” just because you can laugh at idiots like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin.

    Go read a couple of books, go take a couple of classes at the community college, and get a job that isn't sitting at home all day watching movies while jerking off to Bayonetta. Maybe then somebody will take you seriously.


  2. Rorshak (1313) says:


    Dude, you're an idiot. I don't completely agree with Bob but your little rant says a lot more about you than him.

    If that's what you really got from his review of Eclipse, then you're the one who needs some education because your comprehension skills are seriously lacking.


  3. Anonymous says:

    i really dont think his “rant” as you called it was only about the twilight review.
    he states that he's getting sick and tired of bob's nonsense all together, which i totally agree with.
    he bashes Twilight beyond redemption then the next day he posts some cute little mash up of buffy and twilight.
    he's just being hypocritical. this last little post pretty much was the cherry on top of the hypocrite sunday is what i think Joe was getting at.
    i think you should read the whole comment before you decide to call someone an “idiot”


  4. Jack says:

    I am personally a fan on Bob's work, he's funny, cynical and intelligent. I like how he attempts to create a meaningful diologue, when he wants to that is.

    I feel that a few of the commentators have been unduly unfair.

    This his own vanity blog, a space for him to share what's on his mind. Yet, some people keep on coming back to complain.

    Media commentators are a dime a dozen on the internet and if you don't like Bob, find someone who is more suited to your tastes rather than continue to be a whiny, self-important troll.

    Silly Americans are silly,

    Outback Jack


  5. Ninja-Z says:

    @Joe – If you want to disagree with Bob, go ahead. I see nowhere on this blog where he says he's 100% right, all the time, and that's one of the reasons I like him. He makes you think, and sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't, but he's probably one of the more thought-provoking critics on the internet. That's my opinion, though. If you don't agree and think he's shit, find another critic and blog who you like more.

    But don't act like Bob made a personal affront against your dignity and post a self-centered, immature rant. You think Bob should read some college books and stop jerking off? Well, you should learn the meaning of the slippery slope, being liberal, and learn that just because you stood up to an internet critic doesn't mean people take you any more seriously than him.

    Want to debate that? Than stop throwing around insults like you're the internet's biggest tough guy and grow up – offer mature, thoughtful arguments and people will listen. If that doesn't suit you…well, I have nothing else to say to you.


  6. Bob says:

    Honestly, I just enjoy that I've been accused of both “liberal bias” and “licking Ayn Rand's boots” within the span of about a week 😉


  7. Anonymous says:


    It doesn't mock it in a bad way, its meant to be cute.

    It's just annoying that as a long time follower of Bob, im constantly told how stupid i am for not agreeing with his ideals and views.

    He didn't start out this way either, he was informative and had his opinions yes, but stated his opinions in a way that let everyone know that you don't all have to agree with me, its just how i feel about it.

    Now its like “if you don't like or agree with what i have to say, your obviously and uneducated retard that doesn't know shit about anything”

    It just gets old when you keep trying and trying to give the guy another chance, cause i do honestly believe he is one of the good ones, but your constantly told what an ignorant idiot you are because you don't see things the way i do.

    I don't know if its just because he's getting old and bitter or what, but he wasn't always this abusive towards his fans.

    That's all. Not trying to start a long drawn out argument, just the way i feel about it.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Dude, shut up. why do people always have to bring where your from into it.
    Someone's perspective on said topic has nothing to do with what part of the world your from.

    Silly roo's are silly.
    Did the dingo eat your baby?

    see its stupid.

    grow up.


  9. Rorshak (1313) says:

    “It doesn't mock it in a bad way, its meant to be cute.”

    How? Buffy kills Edward. Have you read the Youtube description? The creator has two links explaining how they view this as a feminist critique of Twilight for god's sake.

    I really don't care about the problems you or anyone else have with Bob. Hell, I've only been following the guy for a couple months and I have my own problems with him.

    I only felt compelled to call out Joe because his characterization of Bob's point in the Eclipse review was so utterly ridiculous.


  10. Anonymous says:

    No i actually didn't read the youtube description, i just watched what he posted here.
    It just came off to me as a little hypocritical as well seeing as he obviously wants nothing to do with the Twilight series, then goes out of his way to post something else that has to do with Twilight.
    just my opinion though.
    I retract my statement about it being cute then if that's what the youtube description explains.
    Like i said though, just my opinion.
    I just feel what Joe had to say rang true with me other than the Twilight thing i guess.


  11. BFG says:

    Anyone trying to defend the Twilight books is an idiot…about Twilight. There is nothing good about Bella, her dad, the vampires, the stalking, the insane levels of dominance that Edward has over Bella, and that she expects and worships. There is nothing in the destruction of the metathemes that are vampires and monsters. There sure as hell isn't anything in the romance, and the one redeeming factor is Jacob, who gets one whole book where he actually gets to be a nice guy, good character, and all around decent dude.

    And of all things, to try and defend the view of chastity that these books spit out? Ha!

    It's perfect that it would be Buffy to destroy Edward. It makes everything just a little more right with the world.


  12. Sprizmo says:

    Buffy could waste every character in the Twilight series twice over without batting an eyelash. I would have rather they spent the money on reviving Buffy in the theaters than than adapting a bunch of crappy books into crappy movies.

    And people, Bob is clearly very intelligent and is qualified to speak his mind about films. If you disagree, go elsewhere.


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