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SLASHFILM has yet another gloriously preposterous “Thor” image up. This time it’s a wide shot of the Hall of Asgard, where it appears Thor is recieving a dressing-down from Odin. Frigga (Rene Russo!!??), Loki, Fandral and Hogun are also in attendance. It’s hard to make out costume detail, but fans should take note that you can see Odin and Loki both wearing what look like remarkably faithful versions of their comic helmets (that’s Loki down on the far left behind Frigga with the big crazy horns.

I must say I’m still really digging the “alien-ness” of the design here – the main inspiration is still clearly reproducing Jack Kirby designs in live-action (I really want to know if Brannagh has just been a fan this whole time, or if he and his designers looked at old Thor comics and immediately decided “this is what we’re doing.”) and Kirby was famously fascinated by the Ancient Astronaut/”Chariots of The Gods” theory of mythology, i.e. “Gods” as primitive man’s interpretation of contact with extraterrestrials. Maybe that’s the “answer” of how this ties in to the rest of the Avengers etc. “universe,” that THIS Thor etc. are/were alien or extra-dimensional superbeings and the ones we know from Norse myth are actually these guys as-described by early humans who didn’t fully “comprehend” them? I’ve heard worse ideas, and like the man said “any technology, sufficiently advanced, would be indistinguishable from magic.”

12 thoughts on “more Thor

  1. Bryce says:

    I'm pretty sure they'll probably just use the comic book origin.
    I mean, the reason they had all that technology in the comics is because they've had millennia to develop. It would make sense they got out of their furs and leathers at some point.


  2. Euler d'Moogle says:

    I am shocked to say this, but each Thor reveal I see makes me more interested in the movie where as I originally had almost none. I've always been more of a DC than Marvel guy and never really got into Marvel's Thor, but this I'm really digging.


  3. Sssonic says:

    HOORAY FOR HELMETS! After the last shot you showed (the one used to wash down that dreadful Green Lantern costume), I was rather worried we would not be seing helmets at all. Still no sign of Thor's, which is a shame but nothing unforgivable, but I'm thrilled to see Loki get his big horns. Also, loving the set design here. It's such a perfect “Grand Hall” design, lots of flair but also a genuine sense of gravitas, the kind of thing you just don't see a lot of in Movies anymore.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of Stargate, where the “Asgaard” norse gods are “the greys” aliens. Only it was a “look” so they could influence humanity.


  5. Anonymous says:

    CHANGE! I fear change! What's next? Hope? I demand that you go back to old format!

    Also, this is awesome. Loki has his horns; all is right with the world.


  6. Akkuma420 says:

    I'll be the first to admit, I didn't like the “idea” of a Thor movie, I just cant see it going well…..
    This on the other hand gives me hope…. looks pretty awesome I'll admit.
    AND I'm very pleased to see Loki with his horns.
    This shot alone has been enough to spark my interest in this movie…. just a tad….. not completely sold yet.


  7. T says:

    If you look closely, you can see there's something just to the right of Thor, possibly in his hand. Could this at last be the winged helmet? If they can pull off Loki's, Thor's has to be in there.


  8. Silent Jay says:

    I know it's only one still shot of the throne room but to me it looks like this movie will a Flash Gordon kind of vibe (the movie not that visually uninteresting TV show) Which to me is kind of cool if they are going that way visually.


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