This is a real thing

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Classic Animation buffs will, of course, note the irony of a Golden Age Hannah-Barbera character being presented in 33333DDDDD 😉

19 thoughts on “This is a real thing

  1. Ramzeltron says:

    Smurfs, now this. This is just horrible.

    It wouldn't be better if they were actual bears who ravage the forest, tearing apart campers for picnic baskets. In that poster your just seeing the carnage.

    But not really, it's just a cheap cash-in >_>


  2. Smashmatt202 says:

    I already knew this movie was going to happen LONG before this, but now we have a movie poster! And NOW I know it's going to be in




  3. KevinCV says:

    When I first found out about this film, I was gonna give it the benefit of the doubt since they got Dan Aykroyd to play Yogi. However, after seeing that they got Justin Timberlake to play BooBoo, I'm convinced that it's gonna be shit. Thanks for butchering another classic of entertainment, Hollywood… XP


  4. Axle says:

    Unless they are actually in central park in that poster, I'd say it's at least “better” than the Smurfs in New York movie. Although I guess that's not saying much and the 3D isn't helping.


  5. Paul says:


    The weird thing is, after watching the trailer….Timberlake does a better job than Ackroyd. Boo Boo sounds like Boo Boo, Yogi sounds like the original Yogi voice had a stroke….it's just awful sounding.


  6. emxthree says:

    @Paul: Exactly.

    I'm sure you'll be able to see it in or without 3D, so my only headscratcher is why have two CGI charcters amongst live action actors?

    Come on, it can't be all that bad. Why is it evryone abhors this film, yeah it's a cash grab, EVERYTHING is a cash grab, atleast this one's cute, Yogi Bear was a great character, I'll take him any way I can!


  7. Kyle says:

    Don't be hating on Timberlake. He was great from Black Snake Moan to the dancing gingerbread man on the Ellen DeGeneres show (few Christmases ago).

    Oh, and the irony you mentioned Bob is lost on me.


  8. Andrew says:

    Presumably the fact that 3D is supposed to be more “lifelike” and “realistic” but in this case the best way to create a movie based on a hand drawn cartoon is to stick with 2D.

    Since the original stuff was on a sheet of 2D medium.

    I think that might be what he is getting at. I have to say I was never a big fan of Yogi bear and I'm not that bothered that his memory is being desecrated.

    It won't make me as angry as I was when (as a child) I went to see the Pink Panther and found that instead of an animated cat it contained some mook in a trenchcoat.



  9. H says:

    i must say, it doesn't look like a very real thing. the fuzz around yogi and booboo makes them look ridiculously photoshopped. but maybe that's just my mind trying to keep itself from dying.



  10. Bob says:

    re: the 3D irony,

    Hannah Barberra's first wave of TV stuff from that era is most noteworthy for the “flattening” of character models. If you look at Yogi, Huckleberry Hound, etc., they're designed with their bodies either facing straight-on or at an almost-cubist “half-turn” angle that either reads as a sideways shot or half-turn shot depending on how the head is drawn.

    The angles and what's visible are IMPOSSIBLE in three-dimensions, but look vaugely passable in limited-detail animation against modernist-inspired backdrops. The benefit, though, was that it cut the amount of actual animation that needed to be done in half. This, plus innovations like the repeating-panel (read: loop-able backdrops for running sequences) are credited with HB's success in making quality color cartoons for possible on a TV budget and schedule, a big deal at the time.

    Basically, it's “ironic” to render in “eye popping 3D” characters that were specifically designed to be two-dimensional.


  11. Joseph says:


    “Do the 'kids' of today even know who Yogi and BooBoo are?”

    An excellent question. Does anyone here know if 'kids' of today are aware of Yogi & BooBoo's existence? My 5yr and 6yr old cousins don't even know who the Animaniacs are. If today's kids can't recognize a 90s cartoon series, then how will they recognize a cartoon several decades old?


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