AICN: "First Class" is Silver-Age X-Men vs. Hellfire Club in the mid-1960s!

(I’ve had no home web access for about two days, so sorry if this isn’t “news” news to you.)

Remember that little speculation I engaged in on Wednesday regarding whether or not Kevin Bacon was playing “the” Sebastian Shaw in Matthew Vaughn/Brian Singer’s “X-Men: First Class?” Well, according to Harry Knowles – apparently based on a phone conversation with Singer – he is… and that’s not all. From the sound of it (and, yes, AICN so take it with the usual healthy skepticism) Vaughn is being allowed (for now) to make the exact opposite of what one would expect from a Fox-backed comic property.

Go read the whole AICN piece, but the “bullet points” are as follows:

We’ll see Professor X and Magneto meet and form the original X-Men.

Film is set in the Kennedy-era 1960s (making this the first Marvel movie to “line up” with the actual era in which the material was written!)

Bacon IS playing Shaw, and “The Hellfire Club” ARE the bad guys.

“The costumes will be far more comic-bookish than we’ve seen before.” One imagines this means the X-Men will be wearing something like their yellow and black/blue Silver Age uniforms, one hopes this extends to certain members of the Hellfire Club as well…

It IS apparently still a “prequel” to the other X-movies; so no Cyclops, Jean Grey, etc. as they’re too young in their films to have been around for this. Probably no Wolverine either, (though if there’s ONE thing Fox would probably force on them as a condition that’d easily be it.)


PLEASE don’t let most of this be bullshit 😉

I mean, I’d happily settle for just a 90-minute text-crawl repeating “sorry about X-Men 3;” but this sounds really, REALLY promising.

9 thoughts on “AICN: "First Class" is Silver-Age X-Men vs. Hellfire Club in the mid-1960s!

  1. Neue says:

    I'll be the first to admit that X3 was pretty, well, bad. But for the life of me, every time I see someone ranting about X3 I can not help but wonder why they aren't ranting about the first X-Men movie instead.

    That movie was PAINFULLY awful in ways that X3 can only imagine. I shudder just thinking about it.


  2. Gray says:

    No actual First Class X-men? That's a bummer, I was really hoping for a proper Cyclops to make up for how he was treated in the original three movies.

    Still, aside from that, it does seem pretty interesting, especially the whole “silver age comic book movie” ^^


  3. Ezenwa says:

    No Cyclops or Jean Grey? That doesn't work for me. If I see Storm and not these two, I'm definitely not seeing this. How can you do an intro X-men movie without the first two? It doesn't make sense, nor does it work, in my book.


  4. Adam says:

    I was a little dismayed that Cyclops and Jean/Marvel Girl/Phoenix/Whatever weren't going to be in it. I wouldn't expect them to stick exactly to the comics (why start now), but it would be nice if they at least tried. It does make sense that since in the main trilogy all the X-Men are about early-mid thirties that Kennedy-era would make them too young for this…aside from Scott's younger brother Havok being in it somehow.

    I guess it really is an Xavier/Magneto movie which is cool. I just hope they get the majority of the screen time since a number of the characters they are including most people don't really care about.

    Oh, and no Wolverine please. He's already had four movies.


  5. dkh says:

    X-Men 3 is the most unappreciated mainstream super hero film, period. That is a damn shame. It is the only one, the ONLY one, that really tries at all to deal with the question of what it means to be a mutant and be persecuted. It might have been awful, but God. If other films treated, say, racism, in the manner that X2 or other such films did, we'd be up in arms at their insulting simplicity.

    X3 was a failure, but it was a failure that tried.


  6. tyra menendez says:

    Let's see, Jean and Scott are too young, as is Angel and Ice Man. That leaves us with Beast. And not the blue, fuzzy beast, so no make up to hide Kelsy Grammar's flabby, 50+ body. So, who has both the physique and diction to pull off that miracle?
    While I don't want to rush to judgment, it's not looking good.


  7. Vincent says:

    Sorry about X-Men 3? Never mind that. X-Men 3 was a cinematic masterpiece compared to the atrocity that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That movie raped me and molested all my happy childhood memories of reading the amazing Larry Hama-penned issues of Wolverine.


  8. tyra menendez says:

    If you only see the middle, it's not so bad. Really, it's the tossing-away of characters that sucks. It was so truncated, it seemed like it was originally two movies that Fox crammed into one.


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