Escape to the Movies: "Dungeons & Dragons"
It’s D&D Week at “The Escapist,” and so here we are.

“Intermission” is all about nerd movies. A stretch, I know.

13 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "Dungeons & Dragons"

  1. akkuma420 says:

    ahhhhhh…… Mazes and Monsters….. I remember coming across that movie, having no idea what it was I made the mistake of watching it.
    I have nothing to say about it, it just really has to be watched to see the amount of ignorance and stupidity a movie can spew.
    It was and still is the peanut in the hunk of shit that is D&D/RPG movies.

    It almost comes off as a “Reefer Madness” type movie, just a different topic to over exaggerate and throw out of proportion.

    It is a good laugh though.


  2. underthepale says:

    I'm sorry, Bob. I don't see it.

    See, I'm bad at math. I failed Algebra I, had to retake it. I faled Algebra II, fortunately it didn't delay my graduation. I failed Earth Science, due to the math. I failed Chemistry, again, due to the math.

    And yet I've been playing D&D since I was 11. I could run a D&D game in my sleep, could and almost literally have. The level of math skills you need for D&D rarely go above complex math: Multiply, divide, add, subtract.

    You're going to tell me that numbers are some godlike form of expression to you, and you've always been fascinated by D&D, but you've been intimidated out of it by the hideous, deformed spectre of SIXTH GRADE MATH????


  3. Moshi says:

    It's wrong of hollywood NOT to exploit a game franchise which doesn't present a narrative of its own but instead encourages players to create their own adventures?



  4. pbastien says:

    sam raimi is making a WoW movie because apparently he is a huge fan.
    You know what I would like to see a sam raimi silent hill movie or resident evil
    hell think of a sam raimi DOOM movie. one of the few remaining splatter com movies doing one of raining kings of spatter gore games.
    A videogame movie doesn't have to be bad. People are just going to have to be able to get a good story from a base material that isn't totally conducive to a filmic translation and use visuals of the game to conduct the work from a cinematic standpoint.


  5. KingOfDoma says:

    Dude, you totally reminded me of my idea for a not-crappy, not-gamer-condemning sequel to Mazes and Monsters… instead of someone thinking they're a PC, they could be a GM (who's good and crazy, but “stable” beforehand) who has a psychotic break after accidentally killing his deadbeat dad, and thinks he's his own game's evil overlord. Thus, the players in his game have to figure out his next crazy move because he's living out his own campaign. That way, instead of condemning a future Hollywood actor to insanity, gaming can be used to STOP A SERIAL KILLER.

    Honestly, you want it? You can have it.


  6. tyra menendez says:

    Ironically, my friends and I became interested in D&D, because of the hyperbole and propaganda. Our logic-centers wouldn't allow us to believe that people would kill themselves over a fucking game.

    As far as the actual games go, 2nd edition was the best thing going, for about 15 years (not to say it didn't have its flaws); other systems, like GURPS, were too complicated. Third edition sucked, 3.5 tried to fix it, but no one cared, and fourth edition is all about buying plastic figures, though to be fair, I only observed one game of fourth edition, because I stopped caring, after a friend created his own mechanical system, based on percentile.


  7. tyra menendez says:

    OK, I had to come back, after reading Intermission.

    Suggesting the Glenn Beck knows anything about history, is fucking retarded. Honestly, it's like it's from a fifth grade highlights reel, or something. He goes on and on about Common Sense, but apparently didn't actually read it, as it goes into what can only be described as a socialist agenda. Seriously, Thomas Payne talked about welfare, social security, and state-sponsored college, in Common Sense. Paid for with taxes.


  8. rob says:

    Bob, if you wanna try it, but not do calculations, you can always roll the dice and have the DM do the calculations for you.
    Then you just have to choose “Archer, fighter, mage” etc. etc. the rest will come naturally. Heck, join my group some time if you'd like.


  9. Bruce L Grubb says:

    The closest thing I have seen that gets D&D “right” is a relatively obscure 1990 anime OVA series called “Record of Lodoss War” which actually started life out as transcripts of actual Game sessions turned into narratives published back in 1986.

    If you like you D&D with a very liberal dose of comedy there is always the Slayers anime franchise which has come back after a decade long hiatus.


  10. Joshua says:

    I'm surprised you didn't know this, but the D&D movie has been done right, Bob. It's called “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising”.

    Before you go watch it, let me just prepare you by saying that it's definitely not an A list movie. But that's the beauty: It doesn't need to be.

    You see, D&D is a beer and peanuts game that's more about providing an excuse to goof of with your buddies than tell a super high fantasy story ala LotR.

    This movie portrays exactly that essence of half serious epic adventuring with campy atmosphere and over the top acting.

    It's awesome, and it's exactly how D&D should be handled as a movie property.


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