Sufferin’ Sappho…

Yet another entry for the “Warner Bros. Has No F*cking Idea What To Do With Any DC Character Who Isn’t Batman” file: They’ve handed “Wonder Woman” over to David E. Kelley for new TV show. Because the best possible thing you can do when you own full rights to three out of the four most-bankable franchises in the most moneymaking genre in present-day Hollywood is clearly to dillute their brand-worth with expensive, rapidly-canceled TV genre programming.

Kelley, incidentally, is best known for writing and producing TV series that are incredibly popular while they air but that EVERYONE stops caring about IMMEDIATELY after they end (Ally McBeal, Pickett Fences, L.A. Law, The Practice, Boston Legal, Chicago Hope, etc.) Seriously, be honest: Until you just now read that list, you completely forgot at least half of those shows existed.

Y’know, I’m not gonna say “called it!” since I don’t recall ever blogging this and I know I wouldn’t have been the only one to say it anyway, but remember earlier this year when DC pulled this decades change-her-outfit-so-people-will-pay-attention-for-a-few-issues bit? (If you haven’t seen it or didn’t care at the time, she wears pants and what looks like a denim jacket over the one-piece now; so now instead of looking like the world’s most ostentatiously-patriotic domme she looks like a recent-divorcee borrowing her daughter’s clothes.) Well, I distinctly recall my first reaction being on the lines of “Ah, this means they’re about to announce a movie or TV show, since that’s exactly what you’d do to the costume to woo ‘theres-no-way-in-hell-I’m-showing-that-much-leg-and-cleavage-the-whole-damn-time’ actresses to the part.”
Why can’t I ever be right about stuff I’d LIKE to happen? Watch, I’ll try: “The Spider-Man reboot will be scrapped in favor of a team-up movie with Iceman and Firestar!” Now just watch: That’s totally not going to happen 😉
Ah, well… you know the drill, people: Start compiling lists of C-list brunette TV actresses who’d be “perfect” or would “at least get me to watch” etc, etc, etc. Oooh! I know, make a game out of it this time – every list can have Morena Baccarin OR Summer Glau… but not both!

6 thoughts on “Sufferin’ Sappho…

  1. rob says:

    Please tell me this isn't that project that Jeph Loeb was developing in secret and that something else is also soon to come out.

    It sounds like the new decade's version of Smallville.

    Now, Bob, while indeed Kelley's work has almoast disappeared into oblivion (I'm actually watching The Practice as I type this because I liked Boston Legal so much) I think the DC fanbase might keep this one a little more alive.


  2. tyra menendez says:

    Summer's too small, anyway. She was a ballerina, which means long, lean, and short; so that would be a bad idea, anyway, as WW is supposed to be an amazon.
    It will probably be an unknown and they'll try to get Linda Carter to play her mother. Or possibly the gal that was the ADA on Law and Order, the one with the cheek bones.
    But seriously, even money on Linda Carter showing up, as the mother. It's just enough fanboy service and she's not doing much, these days.


  3. Elessar says:

    Well there's my old standbys. Morena Baccarin (who is technically blond) and Eliza Dusku. If we wanted it to be reallllly young (as in teenagers) we could throw in Emma Watson, but that's just me trying to break from the pack. Ummm Kandyse McClure has a shot is she did it well (She played Dualla or D from the 2004 Battlestar). Okay, that's my shot at being unique.


  4. Amund says:

    Wonder Woman has to be played by Morrena Baccarin or Mila Jovavich.

    If they do decide to have Wonder Woman's sister and trainee I would love for Rose McGowan to be the sister and Amanda Seifried to be Cassie.


  5. Joe says:

    If we were talking 15 years ago, it would be Lucy Lawless in a heartbeat, seconded by Rachel Weiss. But given Hollywood's current obsession with rail-thin actresses, it's really hard to find one who looks like she could kick ass and bring gravitas to the role (same issue with Captain America: can he look really strong and deliver rousing speeches credibly?). Rona Mitra's great at stoic badass ladies, but I don't think she's the right type for Wonder Woman.

    But having just watched the first season of Legend of the Seeker, I think Bridget Regan could pull it off. She credibly kicks a lot of ass on that show, looks the part, and is a decent actress to boot.


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