Is Green Lantern wearing Superman’s hand-me-downs?

Say one thing for Warners/DC: They are really good at keeping production material from failed/abandoned projects from winding up online. Makes sense, given that they were the first “big” outfit to publically blame a movie’s failure on Internet leaks (“Batman & Robin” – the “novelty” of blaming web-gossip pretty much made AICN, publicity-wise.) I mean… people realize that George Miller actually cast, scripted, boarded and costumed the Justice League movie and we’ve never seen a shred of it, right?

Anyway… the most notorious of the failed Warners Bros. blockbusters is Tim Burton’s “Superman Returns,” who’s allegedly-horrifying costumes have been the stuff of legend. In the film (infamously scripted by Kevin Smith) Superman would die and be ressurected by The Eradicator (look it up) who’d then “merge” with him; creating a “new-for-the-90s” dark/edgy look for the costume in the third act. Well, now thanks to an awesome collection of costume test images from FX maestro Steve Johnson’s Facebook page, now we know what it would’ve looked like.

Uh… yikes! Funny thing, though…

You can’t see it in that “natural light” snap, but it’s actually pretty damn elaborate – especially for a practical effect: The muscle-suit is actually overlayed with clear plastic plates and levels of lights to make it look vaugely bioluminescent. One “portion” of this lighting looked awfully familiar to me…

Look familiar to anyone? Perhaps, very similar to another Warner Bros. DC character redesign…

Coincidence? …yeah, probably – but it strikes me kinda “funny” that “glowy sinews” is a kind of running-theme in WB superhero reboots.

Check Johnsons’ page for the full set.

7 thoughts on “Is Green Lantern wearing Superman’s hand-me-downs?

  1. CraftyAndy says:

    You reminded me of when I saw DC's new imagined superman. He was glowing blue and bullets would pass through him and stupid crap like that trying to make him look 'cool' (poochy sense) pretty much like that movie plot. This was way back over ten years now. But a lot of thing sucked in the nineties comic book wise it seems.


  2. Curtis says:

    Bob I'm sure you're well aware of this, but for the uninitiated, Kevin Smith only changed the costume because of Jon Peters' insistence that Superman not wear his iconic costume. Of course Jon Peters also wanted Superman to fight a giant spider, not fly, and be played by Sean Penn.


  3. Sophie says:

    Just reviewed the history of the last superman script(s)… Okay, no offense meant to anyone…but even though I am not the greatest superman fan on the planet… is some of the stuff done to Superman in those treatments REALLY legal? Can you get sued for violating creativity? .. as for the tim burton suit… Burton is not really that good with … colours…. why let him direct a movie that is largely in need of a blue/red costume… this looks like “Superman`s nightmare before the Grinch stole Christmas VS. SAW – the disney version”….


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