Escape to The Movies: "Love & Other Drugs"

“Intermission” is about Green Lantern’s trailer.

5 thoughts on “Escape to The Movies: "Love & Other Drugs"

  1. Lucas Neumann says:

    I… I dunno. I think it's cool that Bob gave a thumbs up to this movie, but in all honesty, I can't fucking stand Anne Hathaway, and no, I don't care if she's naked in this, pretty much doubt she'll give out a frontal nude either way.

    And if someone is going to try to defend her, or change my mind, don't bother, I wouldn't be able to tell WHY I don't like her, I just don't.

    And as far the story goes, even if doesn't suck as much the other rom-coms, as Bob mentioned, it still have the same commonplaces every other movie have, so as far as it goes for me, it's still a beautiful people sex movie, with the two hottest youngsters Hollywood can offer.
    And beautiful people in love with each other is the whole selling point of this kinda of movies. I don't think Hollywood executives are thinking of moms, they just want to put america's new sweethearts living happily ever after, because it sells! Critics crap over this stuff because it is crap, and it's easy to bad mouth it.
    But it's a nice escapade from the real world where ugly people have to deal with divorce and precocious ejacculation. And bottom line is, movies are meant to make us run away from reality. Sure, it's better when we are presented with good stories, bum rom-coms do that just as well.

    As for me, this kinda of movie pisses me off, so no, to hell with this movie.


  2. Popcorn Dave says:

    Not the most convincing review, I've got to say. So you're saying it's basically the same story we've seen a hundred times, except with more sex? Doesn't seem like a bit of nudity is going to distract from a done-to-death plot like that. Is there anything else that raises it above the usual guff? You mentioned the characters “act like real people” but it was so brief it seemed like an afterthought.

    Your opening spiel about guy movies vs. girl movies was quite interesting, but I think misguided. Fact is, women DO like this stuff, however trite it might seem to you, because they go to see it by the busload. Your “Transporter” example was pretty laughable to be honest… of course YOU'RE going to get more out of a high-octane actioner than a cutesy chick flick, it's silly to say that's because the latter is inherently less emotionally involving. Quit thinking like a guy!

    Warning, big generalisation straight ahead – men generally get the strongest emotional response when they SEE something happen (like an action or sex scene), whereas most women are more “turned on” (literally or not) by thoughts, emotions, stories. Take Friends for example. It's FULL of sex – most storylines and jokes involve it in some way… it's just that they don't actually show anything; the sex happens offscreen and the characters just talk about it, so guys think it doesn't count. Or look at the average men's magazine compared to the average women's magazine – the former magazine will be covered with girls in bikinis (i.e., simple visual appeal… kind of like an action scene in the Transporter), the latter will be full of stories and gossip, who's-going-out-with-who, that kind of thing. I'm sure many women wouldn't mind seeing the romantic leads “going at it”, but it's probably not going to be the main thing that they're interested in.


  3. Nick says:

    Dear Movie Bob,

    Long time watcher, first time commenting. This week your video featured clips from Mega Man and Clerks, 2 of my favorites of all time. Thanks much for continuing to make me struggle to stop laughing so I don't get caught having too much fun at work ! Love your stuff and keep up the good work… seriously.


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