no words… should’ve sent a poet…

Hat-tip: Kotaku
Jenni Kallberg, aka Pixelninja, is half-Swedish, half-Japanese, and recreationally cosplays with alarming attention to detail as various video game heroines. That’s not even a “triple-threat”… she’s like the Turduken of hotness. Pictured at the right: Samus Aran. Yes, she also does the Varia Zero Suit.
…and here she is as Peach.
See her full gallery HERE.

Now, pardon me, I need a moment alone…

12 thoughts on “no words… should’ve sent a poet…

  1. Clayton says:

    keep it in your pants, Bob. Though I can't really blame you for wanting to be tied to the bed by all 6 feet+ of Samus were she real. And this is coming from a Sherlockian asexual.


  2. Lucas Neumann says:

    Bob is the only person I've seen that can get a turn on by seeing a chick wearing a full body armor… yeah…

    Her face in close photos are photoshoped as hell, trust me, I've photoshoped girls for magazines for a living before making it to the illustration market. But I guess the point here IS to make her look like a doll.

    She's indeed very pretty, but as and red blooded Brazilian I gotta say: she dosen't have an ass. I can't help it, I'm an assman, just a cute face won't do it, I need an ass. And some boobs.


  3. RocMegamanX says:


    If by “embarassed”, you mean “Other M still sucks”, then please stop. We get it already. You hate the game. Doesn't mean others will.


    Well, she's certainly an attractive cosplayer, I'll give you that. 🙂


  4. Popcorn Dave says:

    Bloody hell, Bob, go get a girlfriend already, will ya? 😉

    Honestly though, she's cute and all… but those costumes are amazing! Especially the Zelda and Metroid ones, you could pretty much just use them in a film version right now.


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