a political cartoon

Why? Because there’s no smug, hacky, creatively-bankrupt art form I won’t try my hand at, that’s why.

Pass around as you see fit.

Oh, and for the smarties: I quite aware that the “Gadsden Flag” dates prior to 1776, and that it wasn’t flown at the Boston Tea Party, and that said original Tea Party was in 1773.

32 thoughts on “a political cartoon

  1. Q says:

    I didn't realize you were this angry about the whole thing. I mean two consecutive post decrying hypocrisy is one thing.


    That's just plain below the belt.


  2. Reverend Allan Ironside says:

    Awwww, u mad? Funny how when one side treads on the other, folks remain silent, but when the shoe is on the other foot, somehow its a national disgrace. Elections have consequences, Bob. You haven't woken up with any less freedoms today than you did at any other point in your life.


  3. Dave says:


    I'm curious as to what constitutes “treading”

    Because an unconstitutional favouring of a religion by state and federal governments would certainly qualify.

    If he's talking about the creation museum or the smithsonian issues then those are legitimate cases of infringement.

    The fact that the same people who bitch about taxes and big government are silent on issues where they are the ones doing the treading is a valid point.


  4. Reverend Allan Ironside says:

    @ Dave, like I said in that topic, controversy isn't art, its a cry for attention. A political cartoon is the same as an ant-covered Jesus. Someone wants people to pay attention to them, but Bob is better when he holds the higher ground with a superior intellect. Somehow, the cartoon feels beneath him and his abilities–something dredged up from 4 Chan or photobucket.

    @ Adam.
    I care no more for that president and the over-reaching Patriot act than I do for the current president and his over-reaching health care. So, what's your point? If you'll notice, the last two years has seen a Democratic congress, senate, and president in the seat of power, but they haven't done away with the Patriot Act, have they? Where's the same level of blame and anger? There's no excuse. If it's such an over-reaching offense to people (as it should be) then why has the political party who complained about it the most not done anything about it in their two years in control?

    They want the same power it provides, but are thankful they're not held to blame for its implementation.


  5. Dave says:


    Circular reasoning alert. If all it takes for something not to be art is for it to be controversial, then nothing is art. I can easily go up to any number of christian art and say that its message of devotion to a murderous misogynistic superbeing offends me, and thus that isn't art.

    What we have here is the christian equivalent of the danish cartoons. Almost literally in fact. Some fundies don't like their magic bible man portrayed in anything but a very specific manner and they'll make a huge fuss if they don't get their way.

    There are many who would contend that something HAS to be controversial to be art.

    You don't get to define art as “anything I like”. There needs to be some

    We all know damn well that if this was an image of muhammed that was being taken down, the exact same people cheering this decision would be ranting about appeasing terorists and 9/11 mosques and how obama is a secret muslim jew and that's why they are taking down stuff offensive to muslims and good hardworking MERICAN!1! christians would NEVER do such a thing.

    Oh and lol at 'overreaching health care.' You call that health care? Canada has had fully socialized medicine for decades and even with neocons trying to kill it for the last 30 years it is still cheaper and more effective than the US.

    American health care barely beats out slovenia and cuba. The problem with obama care is that it doesn't reach FAR ENOUGH.


  6. Adam says:

    “Canada has had fully socialized medicine for decades and even with neocons trying to kill it for the last 30 years it is still cheaper and more effective than the US.”

    And yet the Premier of Newfoundland came to the U.S. for heart surgery. Hmmmm…


  7. Dave says:


    The fact that a wealthy person was able to make use of a system designed almost exclusively to support the wealthy and no one else says more about the failings of the american system than anything else.

    The canadian system does have longer wait times….BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BEING SERVED. It isn't just the rich and upper class that can afford medical care, it is everyone.

    There's a reason our medicare is consistently ranked a good 20 above yours despite our economy being about the size of california's.


  8. Alexander says:

    I don't think anyone is argueing that america doesn't have the best facilities for those who can afford it, like, say premiers of canadian provinces, but for the healthcare in aggregate, america is terrible. Also i like you cartoon bob, its succinct clear and witty like all the best political cartoons.


  9. dkh says:

    There are two types of freedoms, lower-case freedom and upper-case Freedom. freedom is something determined on a case by case basis, while Freedom is a conceptual messianic weapon wielded by people who would use fear to get what they want.

    As an example, driving in the United States requires countless laws be met. Each of these laws limits lower-case freedom. I can't drive a car that's seventeen feet wide on the roads, for instance. I can't drive in any lane I want. I can't drive a car that hasn't pass certain requirements. I can't drive below a certain speed or above a certain other speed. Innumerable laws and regulations that limit my freedom. However, in return, I gain the freedom to drive in relative security with relative efficiency (think roads would be efficient if everybody could do just whatever the Hell they wanted?) Lose some freedoms, gain some greater freedoms.

    Reverend, most of the provisions of the Patriot Act expired. President Obama has fought to extend some. Wanna know what a Democrat who's pissed off about that looks like? I can show you a picture of myself if you need. Obama has backed away from many of his campaign promises, offered pathetic unimportant solutions to debt reduction (the most recent example being the pay freeze for federal employees), and been straight-up regressive on social issues (most notably DADT).

    I am pissed about that. I want better. I deserve better. America deserves better. The world deserves better. But comparing “over-reaching” health care to “over-reaching” Patriot Act provisions is comparing apples to oranges. But Jesus Bloody Christ, just because I'm pissed about many of the things Obama's done doesn't mean I think we'd be better off with John “I can win this war! I know how to catch bin Laden!” McCain in office.

    As a side note, the word verification for this post is “elite”


  10. Dave says:

    @ adam. Please.


    I never said it was a perfect system. Just better than the US one. I can easily spend 5 minutes on google coming up with medical horror stories in the US, like the all too common “child cannot afford lifesaving medical procedure”

    There's a reason the WHO ranks the canadian system higher than the us one, which is one of the lowest ranked in the developed world. I hey, what do they know about health compared to some dude on the internet.

    I realize I might be treading on some patriotic feelings but new flash: the us is not perfect and there are areas where it not only fails to excel, but lags behind and even sucks out loud.



  11. BS Digital Q says:

    Thanks to the symbiotic relationship between them, our private healthcare has helped enable the amount of research and funding that allows the universal healthcare systems of Europe and Canada. I can only imagine the global catastrophe that would happen when our system (inevitably) collapses from a combination of corporate and government inefficiency.


  12. Arman says:

    Eh, I've given up hope that Bob will ever attempt to understand and fairly criticize the movement. There simply is no evidence that the Tea Party is any of the things he claims it is, instead resorting to puerile and unfounded attacks. Oh well, still like your shows. Its just a shame your so wrong about this.

    Quick note on the Patriot act. Its taken the Freedoms of as many as 0 Americans.


  13. dkh says:

    Arman, your comment is the exact same sentiment as “Jesse Jackson isn't the President of black people!” It's true in the most incredible, technical sense, but it ignores the influence the man has. It's a form of guerrilla warfare. If ten thousand people show up, then it's ten thousand strong. If one hundred are racist, then they don't reflect the majority. Adopt the strong aspects, ignore the weak. Gotta take the good with the bad. A quote from Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone comes to mind in a decidedly anti-Tea Party article.

    “After nearly a year of talking with Tea Party members from Nevada to New Jersey, I can count on one hand the key elements I expect to hear in nearly every interview. One: Every single one of them was that exceptional Republican who did protest the spending in the Bush years, and not one of them is the hypocrite who only took to the streets when a black Democratic president launched an emergency stimulus program.”

    The Tea Party is invincible so long as it has multiple people. Shift the blame, ignore the trends, and it becomes an amorphous blob that has no real views but, dammit, we should listen!

    Hey, there are those capital F Freedoms again. Funny.


  14. Arman says:

    Regarding the Rolling Stones article:

    Handy dandy chart:

    Any objective look at the numbers indicates one simple truth: That any deficit spending that Bush engaged in was a drop in the ocean compared to the sheer magnitude of Obama's spending. This is spending like a drunken sailor. So I don't think there's anything hypocritical about it at all. The only sad thing is that it took that level of recklessness to alert the American people.

    And the left's response is, predictably, “RACIST! YOU'RE A RACIST!”. It's ad hominem stupidity at its worst.


  15. RocMegamanX says:

    It's amazing how all this discord came from one political cartoon.

    Say what you will, but I voted for Obama to try and stave off a Republican-run government for ANOTHER four years…and now they want Republicans BACK?!

    Boy, I am so doomed when America is back in their hands.


  16. Rarer Monsters says:

    @Arman: That chart would be great if it measured spending. It doesn't. It measures a giant deficit created by a rapid drop in overall economic strength during the deficit (Which no teatards seem to be willing to admit happened while Bush was in office) lowering of the federal revenue.

    Once again: Learn what words mean. And no, you're not a racist, just an idiot who seems to be trying to scoop out his brain and replace it with conservative hack blogs.

    As to the actual truth, it is true that Obama actually has increased spending to the tune of about a 30% increase over Bush's last year, largely because it involved continuations of plans approved during Bush's last year, TARP being the largest. Of course, this doesn't answer the question of why the massive amounts Bush did spend, (including massive amounts of wasteful spending of money and lives on an Iraq war which had no cause and acheived nothing but drawing vital logistics away from Afghanistan). Was there some reason this spending didn't count? Was there opinion “Gee, massive spending is okay, but if it raised a little more that would be socialism!”

    And even then, all this still goes to the worst problem: the Tea Party has never been able to establish how this isn't just generic right wing conservatism? Hell, why not just admit it? Given the chance you always defend these opinions, so why not just admit it. you're republicans, not anything different. We'd still disagree with you but at least then you'd stop looking like little pansy weasels who pretend that just because you say “Big Government” in front of normal opinions then that somehow makes you more legitimate.


  17. Matt says:


    It's too early in the morning for me to argue with somebody on the internet

    But there actually is a LOT of quality art on 4chan. So your insult comes off as somebody who just watched that Fox 11 news thing on anonymous.

    It isn't all /b/ being stupid children.


  18. Matt says:

    Oh and.


    I'm a Canadian, I've been severely sick several times in my childhood
    and never did the healthcare system fail me

    What you've posted there are exceptional cases, that's WHY they're reported by CTV.


  19. Arman says:

    @ Rarer Monsters

    I believe I did specifically use the term deficit.

    You want me to believe that that abysmal number is purely the result of lost tax revenue due to the economic situation, and has nothing to do with the several hundred billion dollar spending bills that the Democrat controlled congress passed, and the President signed? And I'm the moron here?

    (By the way, if you honestly believe that the Tea Party hasn't had issues with the Bush , then you haven't bothered actually listening.)

    Good job swapping one ad hominem attack for another. Calling me an idiot does not make you any less of a gullible, leftist tool. (See, I can call people names too

    Every single big spending move President Bush ever made was accelerated and put into hyperdrive by the Obama administration. Spending will increase by 1 trillion dollars in the next decade. That cannot happen. And again, the Tea Party HAS criticized Bush's spending (perhaps a little late, but the movement only started less than two years ago).

    (The Iraq war resulted in a Free Iraq, the deposition of Saddam Hussein, the end of a humanitarian crisis, and the conversion of the most destabilizing element in the middle east to a friendly nation. A whole lot of nothing)

    And the Tea Party IS right wing. I've never heard them try to pretend otherwise.


  20. RarestRX says:


    I've given up trying to have any kind of reasonable discussion with Bob and his type.

    Let them watch The Daily Show and read Huffpo, or TPM, or DU, and lounge around Starbucks.


    We just flipped 675 legislative seats, 11 governorships, and 14 legislatures.

    With the 2010 Redistricting, we've got the Sharpie.

    They can call us “Teabaggers”, make cute little agiprop cartoons and whine on the Internet.

    It ain't going to change that their Mocha Messiah has failed, that Keynesian economics is dead, Global Warming is finished, and that the Dems are screwed in 2012.



  21. Benfea says:

    @Rarer monsters, you're simply working with made up numbers. The government deficit under Obama went DOWN compared to the deficit under Darth Jar-Jar, but you'd never know that from listening to the “liberal biased media”, nor would information like that have any impact on the kind of person who self identifies as a “fiscal conservative”.

    And yes, the total amount of money blown on these tax cuts dwarfs the spending increases you are always decrying.


  22. Janell says:

    I have one problem with the tea party views and how it appears to run. That is their seeming unwillingness to compromise. I would like to note that I am not saying the other side better, just that they are less vocal about it. Compromise is a cornerstone of our country, there would be no Constitution without it, so when I see a group that appears to enjoy saying how they are unwilling to do so, it scares me. It scares me more than anything else, in our government.


  23. toastisyes says:

    The Tea party is one of the most embarrassing and stupid movements to come out of America in a loooong time.
    Anyone who actually thinks that the movement actually has any kind of substance should probably research Christine O'Donnell and watch that really sad video of her debate where she was genuinely surprised that the constitution calls for government and church to be separated.
    I like how they all claim to want to defend the constitution and lower the deficit but are quick to go back on both by wanting to repel the health care overhaul (which lowers the deficit in the long run) and by trying to force Intelligent Design in schools.
    I'm not even going to get into the blatant racism, homophobia and ignorance that I have seen at the rallies I have attended. I attended two tax day protests and a handful of smaller protests. I never argued with anyone or stated my views unless I was questioned. I was always calm and rational with those I talked to. I was spit on, called a faggot and all sorts of colorful names that any Rush Limbaugh fan can probably use to describe a liberal.
    The Tea Party isn't a movement of concerned citizens about the course of the government, it is a clown circus of America's most gullible and irrational people that support a political ideology that promotes bigotry, oppression and random acts of stupidity. They may be talking about more freedom, but it isn't very hard to see what they really mean by that;
    Freedom for whites, Christians, the wealthy and straight people. While everyone is sort of passed up or worse.
    In other words I see a much more authoritarian government coming out of conservative control. Which is what Conservatives are for the most part.


  24. dvdwinter9 says:

    So I trample on the arts…
    because I've been a percussionist for a decade?

    I trample on minorities…
    because I believe a man should be judged on the content of his character, not the affirmative action quotas?

    I trample on gays…
    because I just plain don't care?

    I trample on science…
    because I'm a science major at Purdue, home of Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan, the first and last men on the moon?

    Please start a PoliticsBob blog for your politics posts, or at least post things about “all political stripes” instead of just one.


  25. DarrelLovesAnabella says:

    Whoever made this graphic is plainly retarded and does not understand that the modern tea party started from a desire for a return to civil libertarianism – it really started up around 2004 with frustration with Bush's policies, and only was compounded in the subsequent years. In 2006-2007, a significant number of people abandoned both sides of the political spectrum and became registered independants. Some saw promise in Ron Paul, some saw promise in Ralph Nader, but yet the two party duopoly rigged yet another election with all the money they get from K Street to Wall Street. Don't you understand? The Bilderberg Steering Committee owns both major establishment parties and condition them for roles of a pedigree in being puppeted at an early age.

    Both parties are the same party.

    Didn't Bush and Kerry's association in the same secret societies tell you anything?

    These people all run in the same circles and all recieve bribes from major transnational corporations at secret meetings!

    The Tea Party began with people waking up to the corruption of the Military Industrial Complex and the big BANKS and corrupt CORPORATIONS destroying our economy by DESIGN and expecting TARP BAILOUTS.


    We want an END TO WAR!!!
    Does that instantly equate to us being homophobic and racist just because we disagree with policies from both sides of the political spectrum?


    You people just do not understand why the people have gotten upset.

    Have you all forgotten the HORRID Patriot Act, or PDD 51 that has never been repealed? Or Executive Orders 10990 and up?

    Must you be reminded of your civil liberties that have been stolen from you from both sides of the political duopoly crypto-facism?


  26. DarrelLovesAnabella says:

    I honestly don't give a shit if gays get married or not, I want an end to the Federal Reserve and the ILLEGAL WARS of AGGRESSION and OIL and for BUSH and CHENEY to be BROUGHT TO JUSTICE for WAR CRIMES instead of allowed to run free for corruption charges!
    But guess who capitulates and lets Dick Cheney get off from corruption charges?
    Guess who hired his new Chief of Staff who was a former oligarch at JP Morgan, who also has Mafioso ties. You think I'm kidding? Both this current administration and the last were both involved in OPIUM trade in AFGHANISTAN and DYNCORP sells ORPHAN CHILDREN into CHILD PROSTITUTION to CORRUPT AFGHANI OFFICIALS, and DYNCORP IS A DEFENSE CONTRACTOR HIRED UNDER OUR DEFENSE DEPARTMENT.

    So you tell me us libertarians don't have a right to be upset, and I'll tell you that YOU are the one who is crazy for continuing to pay federal taxes to fund an ILLEGAL WAR OF AGGRESSION!


  27. Panamint Joe says:

    Not worth passing around. The creator of this cartoon has no inkling of what the current Tea Party Movement is about. Even worse, the cartoon attempts to portray something that is not true at all; in other words, it's a deliberate smear.


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