Is THIS the story of the Spidereboot?

Comicbookmovie has what most are calling a not-terribly-reliable post up supposedly outlining the Spider-Man Reboot. Hopefully phony, because it’s pretty terrible – reading like nothing so much as John Byrne’s “Spider-Man: Chapter One” debacle.

Details (potential spoilers – if they can be called that) after the jump…

The important stuff, briefly:

– No described “origin” scene, but it’s a reboot anyway: high-school setting, new status-quo, loads of flashbacks adding to the backstory, but he’s already Spider-Man as it opens.

– One “named” baddie, Lizard, but references and teases about others. Nels Van Adder and Norman Osborn are onhand but not “powered” as yet.

– New “mission statement” for Spider-Man involving solving cold-cases.

– Flashback-driven “B-Story” involving, as reported previously, Peter Parkers dead parents. The piece is vauge, but they seem to be either spies, cops or some sort of activists.

– Flashbacks and sequel-tease finale set up Osborn as already being the “man behind the curtain” of all the badness, much like he’s been over the past decade of comic continuity.

– Y’know that stupid, ill-advised “twist” they always end up adding to hero/villain relationships like in Burton’s Batman, Daredevil, Spider-Man 3 etc that NEVER works? Yeah, it pulls a version of that.

All or most of this is almost-certainly fake… but whaddaya want, it’s a slow news week.

8 thoughts on “Is THIS the story of the Spidereboot?

  1. Chris says:

    About the Batman/Joker thing. By making the Joker the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents it gave a conclusion to Bruce's tragedy. When in all reality, such tragedies are never resolved physically or emotionally.

    That's the thing that made Batman. He had to live with that event because for the most part “that” killer remained unknown and just a mugger (later to get a name Joe Chill). Having everything tied up in a nice package by having the Joker be his parents killer resolves that aspect. And heals what should never be healed, especially for Batman.


  2. Bob says:


    Others have pretty much said what I would say about why it doesn't really work. I like Burton's Batman a lot, but that element is one of the big head-slapping moments that keep it from being great. Forget what it does to Batman's character arc, it's just bad writing – the laziest possible manner of adapting material of this nature. “Hm. We don't have time to set up the long history/relationship that makes Joker the arch-nemesis, so instead let's make HIM the guy who shot the parents.” B.S. “Die Hard” manages to give MaClane and Gruber a fully-realized enemy “relationship” with a handful of radio exchanges and a chat about cowboys.

    Incidentally, if anyone hasn't yet, the “special editions” of the four original bat-films are MUST-sees, especially for the commentaries and making-of material as it's been long enough for everyone to be honest about the product. Joel Schumacher largely appologizes for his, and on the making-of for the first one there's a whole segment of the various people who worked on the script PLEADING not to be blamed for the “Joker did it” twist. Also, one of the producers on “Returns” has become VERY tired of fans asking why Batman kills people in that one.


  3. Ezenwa says:

    I'm probably one of the few people that didn't get too bothered by the Joker being the killer of Batman's parents, only b/c I didn't know the story then. Now that I do, I can look past it, and now that Batman Begins exists, it shouldn't matter anyway. That said, I hope this is wrong about Spider Man: the reboot.


  4. Sophie says:

    okay first about the topic at Bob´s hand… the plot sounds very convoluted, vague and how can you reboot a not-so-old series without a origin scene? And the parents´ twist… I am torn about that

    as for the topic at the commentators' hand… gee, it has been a while since I saw Burton's Batman, I was very young.. but I thought “the joker offed the parents??? Since when?”… but I did not care if he did or did not because I was too effing young to care about vengeance or justice…however.. now that you guys make me contemplate the issue: Hm… the film could have done without the joker-offs-parents-thing. It really could have. Villains sometimes really just turn up…in life as well as in movies, they are not always connected to our favorite heroe`s life or ours, they sometimes just show up, be villains and there are no redundant-extra-twists.


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