Escape to The Movies: "True Grit"

“Intermission” sez Happy New Year!

11 thoughts on “Escape to The Movies: "True Grit"

  1. Aaron says:

    Best Movie: Black Swan

    Worst Movie: The Last Airbender

    Most Overrated: King's Speech

    Most Underrated: Four Lions

    Coolest Guy: Jesse Eisenberg

    Coolest Chick: Natalie Portman


  2. Ryan says:

    Damn it, Bob. I love your vids, but sometimes you just do stuff that irks me.

    You never, EVER have to apologize for trashing Bay. He's deserved every single accusation you made about him.

    As someone who works in Hollywood, I know enough about that guy to say that he is in fact scum. He's a racist, misogynistic lout who tramples over his crews and treats his actors like puppets.

    I understand you want to draw a distinction between the filmmaker and his work, but, frankly, there is none. His butchering of film grammar is completely reflective of the person he is: crass,ignorant, and devoid of any sort of heart or soul.

    It also pains me that you had to go back on your word at all.But it pains me ever more that you had to apologize for calling a jackass a jackass.


  3. KevinCV says:

    I'm not big on Westerns, but I am a fan of the Coen brothers, so I may give this movie a shot, so to speak. Still got “TRON: Legacy” and “Harry Potter” to go see first, and not necessarily in that order. Priorities, after all.

    Also, I'm in firm agreement with Ryan. I may not work in Hollywood, but I've heard enough about Michael Bay via interviews with people he's worked with, as well as with he himself. He deserves every ounce of hatred you have lobbed at him.

    Anyone who takes a beloved sci-fi franchise and completely strips away the intelligence of it for the sake of pandering to the mindset of people who bully fans of said franchise is not a good person in my book.


  4. Nafees says:

    @ ryan

    not completely true about a man and his work.
    I have met several people are upstanding, great people to be around, but do horrible work that deserve to meet the tip end of a baseball bat.

    that being said, still get upset over T2:ROTF and his military fetish is quite irritating


  5. rob says:

    Hey Bob, what about the fact that he didn't want to do Transformers because 'It's just some stupid toys'.
    Going the new Hollywood trend of just buying the names of a franchise and doing something awefull with it.

    Dragonball Evolution, Transformers, Last Airbender, GI Joe… and the list goes on.

    Appealing to your G.O. brainhalf; it's happening in Games now too: Bethesda sold Interplay rights to a Fallout MMO, but they could pretty much only use the name Fallout, none of the memorable items and characters from the franchise.


  6. Dave Kraft says:

    @Bob: Bravo on the Michael Bay part – and no, I'm not being sarcastic here.

    Too often do fans conflate persons they have personal feelings for (for one reason or another, be it commendable personal ideologies or physical attractiveness) with their ability to do their job (or lack thereof). Fandom often creates this distortion through this sort of conflation, and it's sad to see how this can sometimes inflate an individual's celebrity status when the quality of their work doesn't actually warrant it.

    This happens a lot in my line of work, too. There are creators in the comic book, gaming and film industries who are awful people but are amazingly good at their job, and there are others who are amazing human beings but royally suck at their jobs. In the first case, fans of said person's work will often project positive values onto said individual as a person, regardless of the truth. In the latter example, fan perception of said individual as a person will project positive values onto their work, no matter how horrible it really is.

    Still, Q has a point there. Assuming that report is true, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who DOESN'T find that sleazy. As the article states, it does seem a bit “casting couch”……

    ….. though social politics happens to be rampant in these industries, so you shouldn't be shocked if this same kind of thing happens in the gaming and comic book industries……. which it does….. all the time.


  7. Bob says:

    As I said: I DON'T KNOW THE GUY, but various (confirmable) things I've come to learn about him since led me to no longer be comfortable having a personal insult floating around out there. That's the beginning and end of it.

    As to the Ferrari story… frankly, if THAT'S supposed to qualify as some horrifying story of filmmaker/actress sleaze; then Tinseltown has become a VASTLY tamer place than it was even a decade ago. It doesn't exactly paint Bay as Sir Galahad or anything, but it also doesn't strike me 100% beyond the pale – by now, if he'd done something REALLY wrong we'd have heard about it once she got bounched from TF3. If she'd been cast as a stripper, would it be unheard of for someone involved with the casting to set up a pole? “Look pretty bent over a car” is the ENTIRETY of Fox's role in the film, and given his background in commercials and music-videos Bay likely has ample background in “casting for hotness.”


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