The X-Men look like The X-Men (UPDATE!)

Yes, this will do nicely. (via MSN)

UPDATE: MTV says that Fox has “indicated” that is “not an authorized image” from the film. “Not an authorized image” is a stupendously weasley-sounding use of language – especially when “fake” is so much simpler and easier to say. So, you can probably take to mean that it’s NOT a “fake” so much as it’s not a “final” piece of official production art – which is fairly clear from the photoshop used to get everyone into the image. Likely scenario: It’s a piece of “mockup” key-art that someone leaked – in other words, these ARE the actual costumes/makeups, but not “official” images thereof.

That, OR it’s an especially good con and Fox is just being needlessly coy about it. I doubt that, but I hope it’s not the case: I’m very fond of most of this, and it’d be a real shame if the “real thing” ended up not looking as good.

This is, apparently, the first of what may or may not be a big forthcoming “dump” of character-reveals from “X-Men: First Class.” Unless it’s an excellent fake, this is our first glimpse of what most of the new/younger characters will look like.

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first: Yes, I think the outfits overall look much better – purely from a design standpoint – than they did in the previous films. Sure, partially because the yellow/blue scheme that (most) of them are wearing is more “classic” but it’s also just more aesthetically pleasing: They’re more immediately evocative of “uniforms” than the custom-molded-gimp-suit look used previously.

But let’s be real here: The most attention is going to be given to January Jones as Emma Frost/White Queen – who, even setting aside the more obvious appeal, literally looks like she just jumped right off the comics page. Holy Shit. I feel like I should send the producers a thank you note in advance for making Halloween 2011 that much better (to say nothing of the cosplay circuit the rest of the year…)

Obviously, there’s plenty of reason to be wary given that it’s a Fox production; but I trust Matthew Vaughn and this is a good indicator as to why.

19 thoughts on “The X-Men look like The X-Men (UPDATE!)

  1. Dave Kraft says:

    I actually know the person who designed Beast's costume, in addition to possibly some of the others (can't say for sure). I don't know very much about First Class (not having read the book) and so I don't feel justified forming an opinion on something I have no knowledge of (especially without seeing anything below the chest on most of the characters), but I will go see the movie to support her. She's a friend – and also a ridiculously awesome professional cosplayer.



  2. Dave Kraft says:

    Oh btw I was about to write to her to ask if this was legit or photoshopped so I could let you guys know, but somebody beat me to it. Now we wait for a response, and hopefully I can beat the rest of the internet to it for you all. 🙂


  3. Dave Cesarano says:

    For myself, I'm burned out on comic book movies. After the last X-Men train wreck, I'm not holding my breath for this one. The likelihood of the third Batman in Nolan's series living up to the first and second isn't likely, especially with the loss of Ledger. Add to this the sudden reboot of Spiderman even before the corpses of the last three films are cold and you've got me looking forward to Captain America, Thor, and the Avengers but precious little else.


  4. Ezenwa says:

    Mystique in an X-men Costume? Since when?

    The real reason this whole concept is fail to me is simple: you're having an origin-style movie….without the original 2 X-men, cyclops and jean grey. It doesn't work for me in any instance.


  5. Adam says:

    Looks interesting, but aside from the obvious ones (Emma, Mystique, and Beast) I couldn't even begin to guess who the rest of them are. Going with something like the original get-ups makes sense, but until we actually see them in action it lacks distinction. I'll give them credit though. Costumes may look cool in the comics but in reality they are just too damn silly. It must be really hard to find something that works without losing the audience.


  6. Dave Kraft says:

    Update: It's real, folks. It's as Bob wrote, “these ARE the actual costumes/makeups, but not the “official” images thereof”.

    As for who the characters are….

    From left to right: Magneto, Moira MacTaggert, Emma Frost, Azazel (Nightcrawler's dad), Beast, Havok, Angel Salvadore (aka Tempest), Mystique, and Xavier.

    I've got to be honest here, speaking on looks alone I'm loving the casting choice for Magneto. That look in his face alone just conveys so much about Erik's personality as a character. And for what it's worth, seeing Rose Byrne's Moira MacTaggert in green makes me feel like she could make a damn convincing Rogue (again, on looks alone). It'd be awesome to know how if she could do a sexy southern drawl.



  7. Bob says:

    @Dave Kraft,

    Good to know.

    If you look close, Havok has a big circle-thingee built into the chest of his uniform – I wonder if he shoots his energy out of that, instead of his arms or whatever, in order to make him more like Cyclops…


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