Brand New Day

Ladies and gentlemen, the 3rd and final appearance – as host, anyway – of The Game AntiThinker…

…but The Quest of The OverThinker has only just begun!

10 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. Robert says:


    *cue all of the moviebob fanboys saying how they are glad this is over not because of the lame story arc, but of all of the people complaining.


  2. Mike says:

    I don't care for retro gaming, most nintendo IP's or nostalgic experiences in gaming. I do however, enjoy playing games online, games with glorious graphics, incredible story lines, dazzling cut scenes and I'm a fan of and participate in boxing.

    Does that make me an antithinker? It must because my interests parallel his quite closely.

    I'm not offended by any means, but it does make Bob come off as a bit defensive. Against what? I haven't a clue.

    I'm still enjoying the show, just thought I'd give my two cents.


  3. Psyckid008 says:

    This might seem off topic but it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot and this video seems like a perfect opportunity to bring it up. I think Toy Story 3 might be to my generation what Ocarina of Time was to yours. You grew up playing the Zelda series and I grew up with the first two Toy Story films. In fact Toy Story is one of the earliest movies I can remember seeing in theater. When these came out, it was around the time we were getting older and looking back at our childhoods with nostalgia which is what made us connect so much with their themes. They both deal with the theme of looking back at childhood and coming to terms with adulthood. Ocarina featuring an adult Link looking how time has affected the places he knew as a child, and Toy Story 3 showing Andy right before he went to college (which is funny because the movie came out in the summer right before I started my first year of college) reminiscing about his old toys and remembering why they were so special in the first place. It’s funny because I’ve played Ocarina countless of times in my life and it wasn’t until recently when I finally understood it. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to play it when it came out as a member of generation NES. I wonder if future generations will be able to appreciate Toy Story 3 on the same level that mine did.


  4. superuub1 says:

    Okay really? I SO wanted you to go into games Antithinker liked and yet with three episodes he just bashes games most of us and especially you find amazing? Come on put in some effort, you already established in the last episode he wasn't lazy about this stuff so why not go all, the power of the new call of duty or something? You know a normal Overthinker episode just on a game series you can never be as into as your other topics.

    I still thought this was better than the last episode though so not too bad but just saying how it just didn't go into an amazing idea because of the choice you made with what the antithinker can do.


  5. Timothy says:

    Well I can't blame you for trying this kind of stuff, and it'll get better as time passes. I mean Linkara and Spoony have plots that cover both shows, where an off handed line that looks like a throw-away gag in one show, means something big in another.

    This um…'saga' or whatever you want to call it. Wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but hey these will no doubt get better as you get more experience at doing them. I mean the first Nostalgia Critic reviews weren't exactly perfect either.

    Keep at it.


  6. Nick says:

    *cue all of the moviebob fanboys saying how they are glad this is over not because of the lame story arc, but of all of the people complaining.

    Actually, at this point I kind of want the Game AntiThinker to stick around LONGER, just to tick off the whiny brats in these comment sections.


  7. matthew_harvey13 says:

    Sorry a bit late to all this as I only knew of bob from the movie reviews. Just watched all the episodes over the past week. Am loving / hating the antithinker. As the fact I want to strangle him means the charature is spot on, for some of the obnoxious people who have got into gaming now.

    @mike, and others, just cause you like the same games as the antithinker does not make you an 'antithinker'. The fact you asked the question is proof of that. There are no right types of games to play. The thing (to me) that makes the antithinker is the attitude of only the types of game I player are best and all other types and the people who play them are gay… I have no problem with the supposedly new casual gaming tread, but antithinkers are obnoxious to these newer gaming emigrants even though they themselves emigrated in at some point as well. But of course before they showed gaming was rubbish, so everything that went before they came along is worthless.

    The problem is when the industry starts just focusing on one or two genres. That is not healthy. May as well calling 'gaming', 'first person shooting' in the future as that is all it will be. The gen on consoles will be called 'FPS systems' rather than 'gaming systems'.

    Anyway keep up the good work Bob. Sorry for the long post, but since I am commenting on more than just the one vid but all the ones I have seen over the past week, hopeful I will be forgiven. Anyway hoping you and your bro can show off some of your amateur movie making skills. The antithinkers 4th wall breaking comments about waiting for warmer weather, for the 'big fight', had me rolling about.


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