Escape to the Movies: "The Rite"

Intermission: Oscar Noms.

13 thoughts on “Escape to the Movies: "The Rite"

  1. Ben says:

    If you want a good horror movie just go see Black Swan again. That was one of the scariest things I've seen in my damn life.

    **This post is going to contain spoilers for The Last Exorcism**

    The Last Exorcism came within a hair's breadth of ending with the skeptic being right. It's a pity that it didn't — it would have been a real standout otherwise, and if you ignore the last few minutes, it's a real left-field movie considering what the advertising wants you to believe about it.


  2. Q says:


    About the Hooper/Nolan thing, you're obviously making the mistake of confusing writing with directing.

    There is a subtly to Hooper's direction that might not have picked up on while you were distracted my the corniness of the plot. While Nolan's direction has no subtly, it's very literal and unimaginative which you wouldn't notice because the plot is interesting.


  3. Reverend Allan Ironside says:

    Bob doesn't like a movie with religion and/or religious tones in it. In other news, Grass is green and water is wet, more at 11. Seriously, Bob, I predicted your response to this movie from the moment I saw it pop up on your site. You're reactions to some movies and games and politics is so predictable that it's kind of insulting to the intelligent personae you've crafted in your Overthinker videos.


  4. Q says:


    The fact that Bob's consistent proves that he's being honest if not stubborn. What would you ask him to do? Lie to make things more entertaining?

    Though there might be a story as to why Bob hates religious (or more likely Catholic) subtext in films that he's hiding from us. Hmmm?


  5. Daniel says:


    Really, I'm a long-time Catholic and even I can admit my church isn't behaving itself all that well and is really in the need to clean up its act. Bob's just reacting to the stupid things being done by the church. The church is in dire need of some change.

    Personally, what pisses me about my church is the fact that they allow so many morons to say idiotic things in their name, I know a lot of incredibly smart and reasonable members of the clergy and I'm astounded by the fact that they hardly get mentioned while the morons, racists, homophobes, sexists, and all around evil members of the clergy get all the attention.

    Back on topic; Really, I've given up on the academy providing a fair list of nominees. The best movie of the year by my estimation is Toy Story 3 and it's obviously not going to win. So I really don't care how they've snuffed Nolan or Tron.


  6. O.T says:

    Gotcha', boring and predictable. That'll kill a movie every time.

    @Q and Ironside.

    Didnt we do this already with The book of Eli and The legion? Bob even wrote a column about this. Its not about an anti-faith stance he has, its about a poor and over-use of religous elements and iconography in story telling to make simplistic events more interesting cuz HOLY GEE, GOD AND THE DEVIL ARE DUKING IT OUT. SORTA.

    I probably wont change you mind about seeing this criticsm against these movies in being somehow anti-faith, But atleast stop with accusations towards Bob's character or beliefs.


  7. Q says:


    No, I'm not assuming Bob's anti-faith, quite the opposite really. You see, an atheist wouldn't care how a religion was portrayed in a film (in fact being one I acknowledge that figures such as the angel and priest have a more cultural consciousness to them making them pretty much fair game in a secular sense).

    No, it's always those with some connection to the church that care more when it's being portrayed in a corny, disrespectful or, misused way. I wouldn't be surprised that Bob hates films like this because he being a lapsed Catholic still feels embarrassed/protective of it.

    Yeah… It like how if you're a avid gamer you'll always be harder on the Xbox Live ilk for giving gaming a bad image.


  8. JDude says:

    I'd love to see an exorcism movie where it all seemed religious and all, but it turned out the priest was actually CAUSING the people to degrade further and further into psychosis to increase business, (aka: Scooby Doo villain routine) and the skeptic of the movie finds him out at the end.

    But of course, I'm an atheist; I'm bound to find myself at odds with the very message of movies like this.


  9. Reverend Allan Ironside says:

    @ O.T

    I didn't post in the Book of Eli or Legion. I'm only saying that I perceived Bob to be more objectionable as a movie critic. It seems as thought whenever these movies come up, the first thing Bob does is make sure you know where he stands on religion before getting to the review. I just figured Bob wouldn't let his opinion be worn on his sleeve like that when it came to his professional movie reviews. I figured being objective as part of being a professional, but that's just me.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily complaining. I don't complain that every episode of House is practically identical and I still enjoy it as well. Part of enjoying something is enjoying what's wrong with it too, but that doesn't mean I won't pipe up every now and then.


  10. Joshua says:

    Black Swan was NOT a good horror movie. It was predictable in both its plot and its 'scary visuals'. As a performer I was REALLY hoping to love the movie… and I left thinking it was mediocre at best. Not bad by any stretch, but not nearly as good as everyone (Bob included) was going on about.


  11. cathal says:

    I don't usually leave comments on your show, but being the Irish bastard I am, I simply have to this time.
    CiarĂ¡n Hinds name is pronounced with a hard C and an elongated second A. “Kear-awn” and now you know.


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