That’ll Work

15 thoughts on “That’ll Work

  1. Dave Kraft says:

    I will admit, I like this pic. The composition is great, and the lighting lets me take the shot seriously. So yeah, I do like this…..

    …. but Bob, tell me if you agree, but I almost prefer seeing Cap – both the classic comic version AND this version alike – WITHOUT the helmet. IMHO He just looks cooler without it.


  2. Bob says:

    Without the helmet is a good look for standing, but in-motion I think it needs the mask/helmet – especially when he also has the shield. The fact that he's lugging a giant defensive-weapon around with him kinda subconsciously draws attention to the whole “why don't they just aim for his wide-open head?” thing.


  3. ZAENGO says:

    this is so pimp, dude, you dont even know. i am so excited for this movie, everything just looks so cool. and this costume, jesus christ. this is the most perfect live action superhero costume ever. not to busy, not to plain, keeps all the little things that really matter to the fans (the wings, the red and white stripes in the waist, etc.), and it looks like something someone could actually wear and… you know… fight crime in. and chris evans is a great choice for steve rogers, i dont care what anyone says.
    and from what ive seen, the red skull looks really good. i havent seen any pictures of bucky in full costume yet, but that costume hard to screw up.
    i cant wait for the trailer. wanna see this shit in action.


  4. Ezenwa says:

    Like, like, like. How crazy would it be if this was as good as The Dark Knight? How crazy would it be if Thor turned out to be pretty awesome? And how crazy would it be if Spidey in 2012 was as good, if not better than the first 3?

    I'm so excited for this and next year. And, the inner geek in me is still holding out hope for Final Fight and No More Heroes to be made into film, most likely by Robert Rodriguez and/or Edgar Wright. It's not impossible, right?


  5. rob says:

    Oh come on, so broody?
    Is this the 90's, should he get some chains? So, no. Take it to a proper level, Elevate it from it's obscurity like Iron Man. Give it an action shot or something, this makes me want to cut myself.
    (I love Marvel, have closets full of comics and will see this movie on release.)


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