GI Joe 2 has a new director

I recognize that I’m in the minority of people who A.) really enjoyed the first “GI Joe” movie and B.) was dissapointed that director Stephen Sommers wasn’tgoing to return for the sequel. I still contend that, had everyone been wearing a “faithful” uniform, you essentially would’ve had a live-action episode of the series – what else did people want?

In any case, I’m now given to genuine curiousity as to what the fans holding out hope for a gritty, mature, hardcore reimagining of, eh… nicknamed super-soldiers fighting snake-themed terrorists… will make of the new boss-man, John Chu – director of the later two “Step Up” sequels and the Justin Beiber movie.

…yeah, that’s what I thought.

Chu has actually been lobbying pretty heavily for the gig – he’s only about 33, i.e. the right age to have been a fan of the show and/or toys. No word on if he is/was, though if he so much as nodded approvingly at an episode while channel-surfing back in the day you can bet he’ll be described as “a big fan” in the studio press.

This’ll be easily the biggest thing he’s ever had his name on, and it’s actually something of a coup (the boxoffice for the Beiber movie probably put him over the top) for a new guy on the scene. He’s been one of those lauded USC wunderkinds people have been expecting to break out for awhile now, with credits on mostly videos and dance material until now… though I learn from the IMDB that he was apparently inside one of the monster-suits in “Freaked,” so that’s pretty cool.

Incidentally, I was in a roundtable interview a few weeks back with Channing Tatum during the “Eagle” press tour, and since – shockingly! – everyone ran out of Eagle questions pretty quick I asked him if he was going to do GI Joe 2. He said yes, but had no idea what was going on with the script, which he thought might be a “reboot” or something of the kind. So… there’s that.

8 thoughts on “GI Joe 2 has a new director

  1. ZAENGO says:

    what do you mean “holding out hope” for a gritty version of gi joe? there have been several of those, what with the comics and that one cartoon (all of which were awesome), mature reimaginings of the joes has been going on for a while now. its just that none of them have been live action.


  2. akkuma420 says:

    hey Bob,
    Nothing to do with GI Joe, but didn't know if you heard or not… I hear that Viggo Mortensen may end up playing Zod in the new Superman.
    Thought you might be interested in that little tid bit.


  3. Joe says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the GI Joe movie, but I had extremely low expectations from Sommers, as I found the two Mummy sequels and Van Helsing to be horrible. I quibbled about the costumes (mostly CC and Destro–the rest were fine) and the take on a few of the characters (well, the female characters–everyone else was fine). But ultimately, I enjoyed it. Because you're right, Bob: the plot could have come from any episode of the 80s cartoon, or even some of the less memorable issues of the Marvel comic. And I just love the fact that the most exciting fight scene in the whole movie took place between two 10-year-old kids. That was awesome.

    I don't know what to make of this news, though. I can hope that experience filming dance and concert scenes translates into effective filming of fight choreography, I guess.


  4. QDragon says:

    Hey Bob,

    As a dancer I've seen the Step-Up films a few times and I appreciate the aesthetic, if not the god-awful acting and dialogue of the first two (the third was mediocre in this regard). Do you have any thoughts on Chu's recent works?


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