Wonder Woman looks (a little) better

How this game is played now:

Step 1: Release prototype/screentest version of something you know fans will nitpick no matter what, let them tear it apart.

Step 2: Shoot actual show with final version, as it will now look “better” no matter what.

Step 3: Cancel poorly-concieved show after half a season anyway because this was still a terrible, terrible idea.

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17 thoughts on “Wonder Woman looks (a little) better

  1. crazyrockboy says:

    Yeah, I hope this isn't one of those American shows that takes itself far too seriously and ends up sucking because of it (Smallville take a bow).

    The costume suggests it will be a campy,throwback barrel of fun but I highly doubt that. Not that I'm too fussed by this show anyway as It will most likely never see the light of day in the UK.


  2. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    I'm sorry, the only thing I can concentrate on is that that top is going to slide down at any moment so the boobs pops out.

    As much as I am sure that would attract attention to show, I don't really wish for that.


  3. Reverend Allan Ironside says:

    I must confess that I am expecting this to be an absolute train wreck of a show and I fully intend to be there with a bowel of popcorn and enjoy the wreck as it happens. I feel compelled–by God, the Devil, or some other higher power I can't explain–to watch this disasterpiece as it unfolds and laugh all the way.

    Emotionally, I'm not really that invested into Wonder Woman, who is not nearly as relatable or “human” as many other superheroes. Still, the amount of bitching this show, this costume, and this entire issue has generated is, to me, a spectacle for the ages.

    I will be there on the premier. If it fails, I'll be laughing all the way. If it succeeds, well hey, then I get to be pleasantly surprised. Frankly, I'll be happy either way.


  4. CraftyAndy says:

    My suggestion to all of you is stick to the animated movie. It was entertaining and what I would liked to see in a Wonder Woman movie anyways. But I forget anything animated gets written off by stupid general public.


  5. Dave Kraft says:

    @Reverend: I'd recommend not watching it on TV and instead watch an online pirate. You don't want to positively contribute to the show by adding to its ratings 😉

    She's got the wrong body for this character, and I'm not just talking about musculature and bust size. Her frame is all wrong. PLUS, she's a total butterface.

    I was saying this when they first announced who'd be playing the role. It seems everyone else who has been commenting about her in the Wondy duds is a bit late to the party…… in part because everyone else thought “oh, well she COULD be a good Wonder Woman!”. Yeah, and I COULD cure the common cold. Doesn't mean it's likely to happen, or that the particular person in either example is necessarily the best possible option qualified for the job.

    *sigh* Once again, I come back to the whole “John Haymes Newton > Henry Cavill” example…… *double epic facepalm*


  6. Sofie Liv Pedersen says:

    @Dave Kraft.

    Who on earth cares how much she looks like wonderwoman?
    Beside I think she does, I mean, all comic book women sort of looks the same and she have some shared similarities with the last actress who was known for the part.. the only actress known for the part who had a very sweet innocent look about her.
    Anyhows, who cares, and actor and actress can only ever look like one person, themselves, and what you think a comic book character should look like is really only your own interpretation. I don't even care, my only question, can she act? Will she be enjoyable to watch? is something going on behind the eyes or is it just another Jessica Alba starring blankly out in the air?

    That's what really matters.


  7. Philbo says:

    I know this makes me a spelling Nazi but all I can see is the misspelling of the word “conceived” and my former English teacher making me chant “I before E, unless after C”.



  8. The Dude says:

    This clearly has no chance of being good because we all know that the greatest show about a super powered chick in funny clothing has already been made. “Cutie Honey The Live”


  9. akkuma420 says:

    I agree with Dave Kraft on this one…
    She is COMPLETELY wrong for this part… she looks like a manly version of Katy Perry in this picture at least.
    I always pictured WW being beautiful but incredibly intimidating and physically fit (not body builder fit, but more so than this picture) and this actress is not really any of those things.
    This whole idea is stupid and wrong and this actress/costume is NOT helping.
    I can see this being as bad and as embarrassing as the live action version of “The Tick”. Damn that was sad… Poor Patric Warburton.


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