"Immortals": The 2011 Action Movie You Didn’t Know You Wanted To See

Tarsem Signh, at this point still probably best known for directing REM’s “Losing My Religion” video, was supposed to be the Next Big Thing when he transfered to feature films in 2000. Unfortunately, his debut was the Jennifer Lopez vehicle “The Cell” – one of the best-looking awful movies ever, and a boxoffice dud. It took six years, but he mounted a comeback with the MUCH better-recieved “The Fall” in 2006. This November, he gets another shot at the action/blockbuster scene with “Immortals.” (Originally titled “War of The Gods.”)
It’s a BIG production; a $100 million-plus budget action/fantasy epic backed by “The Producers of 300,” and recently became a must-see for an unexpected reason: It’s the first action-hero leading-role for Henry Cavill – the soon-to-be new Superman.

So… why haven’t you heard all that much about it, if at all? Well…

…Here’s the basic plot outline: It’s a mash-up of ancient Greek mythology – primarily Theseus (the guy who killed The Minotaur) and The Titanomachy, i.e. the pre-humanity war between the Olympian Gods and their predecessors, The Titans. In this variation, in addition to slaying man-bulls, Theseus is tasked by Zeus etc. to lead your basic D&D campaign team (Frieda Pinto as a priestess, Stephen Dorf as a slave) to find a Magic MacGuffin before the Titan leader Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) can use it to set his imprisoned brothers free.

In other words: It sounds A LOT like the remake of “Clash of The Titans” – which everyone saw but nobody was really over-the-moon about. So, it was probably for the best that they’ve held back on the media-blitz until right about now: A set of posters hit Fandango tonight, and tommorrow it’s having a big “debut” panel at Wondercon; so a trailer will likely soon be in the offing. Until then, here’s the trailer to “The Fall” – which you should really check out.

9 thoughts on “"Immortals": The 2011 Action Movie You Didn’t Know You Wanted To See

  1. Audrey says:

    I've been following this movie for a long time because I love Henry Cavill and Freida Pinto, and I'm really impressed with the posters. 🙂 They're all quite striking. Even Isabel Lucas looks appropriately majestic as Athena – I hope her acting isn't as lackluster as it's been in other things.
    I saw The Fall too because I thought the trailer was just gorgeous – another reason why I have high hopes for Immortals!


  2. HDCottonJr says:

    I'm still not sure I want to see it, Mr. Movie “Sucker Punch ISN'T the Worst Movie Ever Despite Advanced and Repeated Warnings” Bob. And if the Atlas Shrugged movie is going to be authentic, it has to be nine hours long – and in Welsh.


  3. dkh says:

    The Fall was such a curious creature. Equal parts incredible and bland. Every time I say something needs to be changed in that film I realize I have no bloody idea what it is. The script? The pacing? No clue.

    That said, I trust Singh to actually care about this project, and that really does mean something to me. I haven't heard anything about this film in a while and I'm looking forward to it.


  4. LK says:

    Well, that explains why The Cell looked like a Marilyn Manson video…
    I like looking at that movie but hate watching, partly because of the leads.


  5. Reece says:

    Having seen the film (which is already out on DVD in the rest of the world) I heartily reccommend you watch this Bob.

    Its an extrodinary film,that noone seems to have seen.


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