"Bait 3D"

hat-tip: io9

Later this Summer we’re getting “Shark Night 3D,” a just-for-lulz B-movie about vacationing teenagers trapped in “salt water lake” that someone has filled with sharks. Not a bad premise, but the prospective PG13 rating doesn’t bode well for “Piranha”-level excellence.

So, instead, I’ll look forward to “Bait 3D,” an Australian(?) production wherein a sudden flood (tidal wave?) during a grocery-store robbery traps a group of shoppers and robbers with a pack of hungry sharks carried-in by the water. Yes, really:

I like how “slick” it looks – the production values are pretty impressive, particularly for a movie about a shark attack in a grocery store.

12 thoughts on “"Bait 3D"

  1. tintaman says:

    This looks kooky and ridiculous (in a good way) but also incredibly innappropriate considering the seriousness of the floods that (especially queensland) have experienced this year.


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