Are These The Avengers? (UPDATED!)

QUICK THING: I know the site was down much of the day (no, I’m not going to elaborate) but The Escapist is back up now, and if you didn’t get a chance to watch “The Big Picture” today it’d be super if you did now – and even MORE super if you’d Tweet, Facebook-Like, etc; as that’s REALLY helpful on the “Bob does this for a living” front and all. Just sayin’.
ComingSoon has a snap from the Licensing International Expo in Vegas, purporting to show a “promo poster” for “The Avengers.” Probably “legit” though not something to “hold” the final product to. Still,  it’d be the first “official” Group Shot.

Most-noticably, Cap seems to have undergone a major “modernization” on his outfit: Traditional cowl with “pronounced” wings rather than the helmet/decal look of the WWII-set movie, sleeker material in general and the torso-stripes are now just “there” instead of being part of his gear-harness. I like it.

Iron Man is either wearing the older-style armor or a new suit with the “classic” circular chest-plate.

No “costume” in the traditional sense for Hawkeye, he’s basically wearing his “Ultimates” gear. Bit of a mistake in my estimation – the lack of visual-“flair,” however practical, only reinforces how small/limited he looks next to The God, The Walking Tank, Shrek and The Perfect Human. (Black Widow’s “flair,” obviously, came bundled with the actress…)

7 thoughts on “Are These The Avengers? (UPDATED!)

  1. Sam says:

    (To Reneiw)

    Maybe thats the plot of the film?! I can hear a the voice-over of Samuel Jackson over the opening credits. '…and only the Infinity Gauntlet contained the power to stop the worlds angriest flasher!'


  2. Sarge says:

    “Black Widow's 'flair' obviously came bundled with the actress…”

    Wait… Bob, are you HETEROSEXUAL? I'm blown away by this. And here I was thinking that Scarlette Johannson was going to have to act, or have a role in the movie! It's good to hear that she just needs to stand there in a catsuit and look pretty.

    After all, we can't have distracting TOO much from the men.


  3. cpt_machine says:

    I'm a little upset that we arent getting some of the wolverine or spiderman in on this action. Sadly the studios who own the rights to them seem intend on driving them into the ground and then rehashing them with reboot or prequels to keep the licence going. Sure Xmen First Class might be good but where do you go from there except reboot?


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