Final (?) Captain America Poster (UPDATED with awesome new trailer!)

Apparently the final theatrical poster for “Captain America,” via Yahoo. (hat-tip to BAD)

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the GREAT BIG FLAG backdrop will be replaced by something else for the international “First Avenger” release version – or is Marvel just kind of rolling the dice on that at this point?

I don’t love that he’s not wearing the helmet – the marketing for this seems to be actively afraid of the mask, much in the same way “Thor’s” was wary of showing Asgard – but other than that it’s pretty damn incredible.

The early word on this is very good so far, though it probably helps enormously that it’s coming on the heels of “Green Lantern’s” spectacular crash-and-burn, as opposed to having to “follow” a better-recieved superhero flick like “Thor” or “First Class.” Then again, it opens up after both “Potter” and “Transformers,” so are people going to be burned out on Summer by then?

UPDATED: NEW TRAILER after the jump!

UPDATE: Here’s the new trailer, which one assumes will be running in front of “Transformers.”

Hating the generic metal-riff music. Loving everything else – especially that they pointedly spelled-out that HYDRA are Nazis, hopefully killing the “they took out the Nazis!!!!” bullshit thats been running rampant on the web.

20 thoughts on “Final (?) Captain America Poster (UPDATED with awesome new trailer!)

  1. biomechanical923 says:

    Nah, I heard that the international release for this movie is getting a total revamp. They're going to call it “Captain U.N. : The First Weapon Inspector”

    But seriously though, I'm pretty excited for this movie. I hope to see a cameo appearance by Union Jack and his awesome totally-not-overcompensating-for-anything giant revolver.

    I'd like to see this movie do well so the Captain America franchise can come back for a sequel where Captain American and Union Jack team up to kick the shit out of Baron Blood. How cool would that be?


  2. Adam says:

    I like it, and honestly I'm glad he's helmetless. It makes him look more human to me and definitely like a soldier. And that's what he is right? Sure soldiers wear helmets too but his seems to take the emphasis off the character in favor of the outfit. Yeah he’s a superhero but Marvel’s shtick was always “these are real people thrust into extraordinary circumstances and responsibilities” and I think seeing the man behind the mask says that a whole lot more.

    And besides while I've always liked the overt symbolism his costume has I’ve always thought the giant A on his forehead was a touch unnecessary.


  3. Ezenwa says:

    Dollars to donuts this comes out better than all 3 movies already released this year.

    I mean, shoot, this is Captain America. If there was ever a franchise for Marvel to protect, and make perfect, it's this one.

    But, coming in after Potter and Transformers might make it tough for audiences to get into with burnout, or maybe it might make it good, leaving the best for last.

    We'll see. So far, I'm definitely intrigued.


  4. mikailic says:

    Bob, I love your work and critique, but that “generic” metal riff you were hearing is Tool's “46 and 2”, a song and a band that transcend all other music. I don't see how it's generic for they play in a signature and melody that is anything but, though if you still think so, it's because everybody else is generic.


  5. Chris says:

    I think they missed an opportunity by not releasing this on the July 4th weekend.

    And thanks Bob for putting the videos after the main page. I think it is helping the load times.


  6. Just Gavin says:

    @Chris Evans: Marvel don't own the rights to the Fantastic 4 movies. Fox do. Same reason why the X-Men wont be there, or Spiderman (movie rights owned by Sony)

    Though I like to imagine the Avengers movie could have a soldier called James played by Hugh Jackman who shows up, kills a few guys, than vanishes.

    @Chris: Transformers 3 got there first and I don't think Marvel are willing to risk competing with them.

    As for the Poster, I like it, I'm British but I don't care about the patriotic over-tones. Patriotism is a pretty Universal theme and America during the war is pretty loved. Also Union Jack helps balance it out.

    I kind of like him without the mask though, the mask ruins it for me.


  7. Joe says:

    That's not generic metal-riff music, that's Tool, one of the most ungeneric metal bands there is! But most nu-metal bands ripped off their sound at some point, so it sounds more generic than it is.

    I understand not wanting metal in your period piece, although the use of the song in question, “Forty-Six & 2”, is a nice bit of Fridge Brilliance: lyrically it's about rising above the limits of genetics and human evolution by overcoming your internal delusions and shortcomings. I want to shake the hand of those trailer editors.


  8. Ezenwa says:

    Let this serve as a lesson, Bob. Messing with Tool is cause for alarm to all fans of rock music. They are far from generic. I still find myself singing “Lateralus”, “Learn to Swim”, and “Sober” over and over in my head.

    But, this won't take away from the movie. It looks very promising. As for him not wearing the helmet, well, it is needed for combat and action, so if he's not in action, why wear it?


  9. Josh says:

    Joe beat me to it. The use of Tool's “Forty-Six & 2” is far from 'generic nu-metal hook music' and much more of a cool undercurrent to the meaning of the film, if you actually give a damn about music and don't just use it the way houses use bathrooms.


  10. tubesockninja says:

    I have to disagree with Bob on the music. It was a great choice that lends a subdued tone with violent potentials beneath.

    Plus it's TOOL and that's just an awesome song on it's own but ties in with the reveals.

    Right now I'm completely psyched to see this.


  11. Chris Cesarano says:

    Something something Tool metal not generic blah.

    Summary: Tool. Pretty much the only post-80's American metal band anyone should actually give a damn about.

    As for the trailer, I wonder if the love interest will feel a bit forced in again. I find it amusing that the only Marvel film thus far that really had the time to develop a sort of relationship from start to finish was The Incredible Hulk. Instead, they pretty much just jumped right in the middle of a pre-existing love story.

    I'm feeling a bit cautious in that regard after Thor, though. Even my friends who don't think when seeing film weren't too pleased with how that was handled. In fact, they wanted that whole part to pretty much be taken out. I wonder if they'll manage to fit the love story in a more Pepper Potts way this time.


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