Warner Bros. Blowing "Green" Smoke

Stop asking me if I’ve read this Hollywood Reporter story about Warner Bros. still being hot to make a “Green Lantern” sequel. Just stop.

Does this even rate the need for an explanation? No one “badmouths” their own movie while it’s still in theaters with money (theoretically) still to be made; and in today’s Hollywood where EVERY genre film is presumed to be the start of a franchise NOT immediately talking sequels is as bad as mouthing can get. They (and the cast/crew) will be saying “Oh, yeah. Sequel. Definitely.” for at least another year or two, but the writing is almost-certainly on the wall: The film is a major money-loser and industry-wide joke. Reboot in five or six years with an entirely new cast/crew? Maybe. Sequel? Almost-certainly no.

If you REALLY want to gauge how big a dent “Green Lantern” has put into WB’s enthusiasm, watch and see what (if any) kind of movement gets made on his buddies. Warners is still angling for the DC Universe to replace “Harry Potter” as their yearly cash-cow franchise, and “Lantern” was supposed to kick-off a wave of (possibly-connected) DC superhero movies – potentially including an already-mentioned “new” Batman unrelated to the soon-to-conclude “Dark Knight” version and the (for now) one-off “Superman.” There’s supposedly a completed “Flash” script – they wanted Shawn Levy to direct for awhile – and even freaking “Hawkman” (HAWKMAN!??) is “in development.”

Of course, only three months ago Warner’s movie group president Jeff Robinov was talking about a “Justice League” movie hitting by 2013 – a logical response to “The Avengers” in 2012. At the time, the “plan” was to spin-out new versions of certain characters (Wonder Woman specifically, as the now-aborted TV show was still happening at that point) introduced therein in their own movies. It’s not a bad plan – fans and followers had been suggesting as much since before “Avengers” was even a possibility – but it’s concievable that “Lantern” could end up killing any enthusiasm for second-tier characters.

5 thoughts on “Warner Bros. Blowing "Green" Smoke

  1. Steve says:

    Eh, I think it'll just kill the hype for them for a while.

    That, and if the DC reboot has any success in garnering new audiences, a DC movieverse is still possible to make by 2016, though I feel they'd probably have Green Lantern be the last of the heroes to show before a Justice League movie, just to shake off the case of people turned off by this one.


  2. O.T says:

    I think they really just want to prove you wrong. It would be like christmas for them.

    It looks like WB shot itself in the foot on this one. Something so criticaly reviled didn't even have the grace to bring in the big bucks. If the studio gets anything remotely related of the ground, I will be shocked if it even gets 2/3 of the budget or advertising of GL.


  3. Chris says:

    If WB was really serious about building a continuity in their movies and ultimately leading towards a Justice League movie at its end, they should have done it smarter. Batman or Superman are your best starting points. Both characters are well established and don't need the requisite background in their movies. And their “endorsement” of the second tier characters by hinting of them in subtle ways would have gone a lot further than starting with Green Lantern and building the universe from there.

    I am willing to bet that half the audience that went to see Green Lantern (all ten of you) probably don't even know that he is in the same world as Superman or Batman. It's like trying to build a highrise by building the top floor first.

    Also, you can't half ass your way with continuity. You have one director saying that he is not going to include that nonsense in his movies (and at this point I don't blame him) and the other movies look like they were directed by a blindfolded monkey flinging darts at a big board of superhero ideas.


  4. Ezenwa says:

    Poor D.C. and WB. They are coming out of the barn a day late and a dollar short. And, because of that, they will be outclassed by Marvel until their properties are taken care of much better.


  5. WilhelmVonHaig says:

    I liked Hawkman, but if they wanted to include him in a film it should be an Adam Strange/Swamp thing movie that covers the whole Rann/Thanagar thing. Being the work of Alan Moore ti wouldn't be as hard a sell as most comics about Alien famine and Hawk people where the main good guy is a Half man half cactus space traveller.


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